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Fast Tube by Casper

.. America the Beautiful … may it stay that way.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

So begins the Declaration of Independence that our forefathers saw fit to document in their struggle to remain free .. which meant fleeing England then fighting them on the new shore to retain that freedom… declaring their right to do so in this prologue to the Declaration…. declaring their right to freedom in the Declaration itself.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

So begins the Constitution of the United States .. that document that has preserved our God given rights for all these years.
It is our duty and our privilege to preserve what these documents stand for so that the generations following will be able to enjoy the freedoms we do and that the lives that were given for these freedoms will never have been given in vain.
Today our vigilance is called upon more than ever .. as strongly as it was called upon for those forefathers who founded this great nation of ours… for we live in a time where reason and common sense seem to have become entangled in a maze of mindboggling silliness that we find hard to untangle ourselves from… but.. it is imperative we do that… and it is our duty to our country and its future generations to stay untangled .. and remain grounded by common sense and reason.

Boots On The Ground!

He’s tiny… but I have him in my sights… I do.. I do … I do!!!!!!!  (American soldier in full combat gear … bearing down on ebola)



Obama …. after stating emphatically that there will be no boots on the ground in fighting ISIS …. has ordered 3,000 pairs of military boots on the ground in Liberia … to fight ebola.

Ebola is a virus.

How in the world is our military going to kill a virus?????

Would it not make much more sense to send them over to put a halt to our real live human enemies who are beheading our fellow Americans?

Would it not make more sense to send medical people over to fight a virus?

It has to leave you scratching your head in wonder.


The Benghazi Lies Go On And On

The lies surrounding Benghazi by all those in power at the time go on and on and on … and those people doing the lying will continue on with it as long as they can …. no different than little children who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar .. the only differenece being a child will admit to the fact he was trying to take a cookie while these politicians will just blatantly continue to lie … even in the face of cold hard eveidence proving they are lying.

It is the nature of the beast.

The latest information … not the newest as it has been released in the past … reveals how Clinton people were told to get rid of any copy that puts any of the Clinton people .. or the administration I would assume …in a bad light concerning their actions involving BenghazI to we the people.

They of course are saying “not me!”

What else would they be expected to say?

Oh the madness of it all…………..


9/11, Obama, Politics And Terrorists

Update no.3: Coming to American schools?  Also … First rate truancy for young piano genius. (thanks to EAG News)



Update no.2: The double standard goes on and on and on and becomes more and more dangerous to us all….

Update:  Will Obama ever stop talking and DO something? He reacts to the beheading of the third victim.. David Haines of Britain …. with more words words words…..


What do all of these have in common ….. 9/11, Obama, politics and terrorists?

They are all real …. and they are all reminders of the dangerous world we live in today.

We all know 9/11 could be replayed … in  a different scene with different players … but with the same results …. if we do not have the right person in power to stand between we the people and this horror.

Obama is not the right person.

He has been raised to believe that we … the United States .. somehow deserves all we get from any terrorist or otherwise negative reactionary … for after all we have been so all aggressive and mean to the whole wide world for so so so so long.

He even went around the world and apologized for us … remember?

Obama sitting in that great seat of power in our Oval Office leaves us with only a hope and a prayer that God will have mercy on we the people and help us outlast his term of office.

Politics is just as helpless to us against our enemies as Obama of course.  Politics cause men to forget we the people even exist … and that those who would have us dead exist also.  Their overriding goal is to maintain the power and money they see in their all powerful political seats… at any cost … seats that should in reality be seats of service to we the people.

With most all of our elected representatives in office playing politics in order to maintain the status of those seats leaves us with need for another prayer added to the first that God would somehow hold us afloat until we once more are able to elect real people to office.

Of course … to do that … we would have to awaken a whole lot of Americans who seem to be asleep behind the wheel as the threats of this world violently amass around them and they see it not in their oblivion of tunnel vision.

Terrorists are in their glory as they almost without doubt must be reliving 9/11 as a source of great glory as they plan their next moves in accord with what they see in Obama and in our people.

Obama gives strong encouragement for after all he too knows we .. the United States … deserves all any of these terrorists give us.

In we the people …. the extremely high level of not caring and ignorance of what is going on in this world beyond the entertainment world must.. it seems … give a great signal to terrorists that they probably have freedom to do almost as they wish.

Just a matter of time?

For crying out loud .. look at all Obama has done that is negative to this country!

He has purged our military of all those who would care …. he has downsized our military .. he seems to be creating his community security force that must be “as strong and as well funded as our military” from our police forces or something …. and he even named a GERMAN as chief of staff of our ARMY in Europe!

Obama about to arm ISIS army? Perhaps he already has been.

Obama’s spinning head ….

What he has done domestically is another story completely of course.



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Obama Investigates … Again And Again And Again

He will have to be known as our most investigating president of all times.

Holder says criminal investigation launched into American journalist’s execution….

The sad thing is while he is investigating … we the people are paying the price of him doing nothing …. with the latest American to pay the full price being journalist James Foley of New Hampshire.

Investigate his slaying?

How idiotic does anyone have to be to investigate it?

The whole world knows what happened and how!



In the meantime Obama is bragging about this failed attempt to rescue Foley.

Tte total incomprehensible madness of the Obama administration is just mind boggling.

If you think the United States in immune from having an American beheading another American in the name of the Islamic State …. read this.


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ISIS Threat To United States vs Perry’s Threat To Veto


There is something really wrong with this picture …. and no one should have trouble seeing what it is.

ISIS terrorists have threatened to fly their flag in the White House.

Was that even reported?

Governor Perry threatened a veto if the District Attorney who was arrested for DUI did not resign was indicted for two FELONIES.

This is not the America our veterans have fought for and died for and lost the best years of their lives for along with limbs and minds and nerves.

What is wrong with this picture?

If you cannot figure it out … you had better get some help.



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Will Obama Stand Against ISIS Threat?

ISIS has threatened to fly its flag at the White House.

Will Obama address this in any way by action … or will he call a meeting to discuss what can possibly be done to avert this … and do an investigation to get to the bottom of it and to find the real reason this is being said and to whom it is being said and if the people saying it really mean it or are only trying to stretch their muscles?

Of course he must also find out if it is being said in a humanitarian way … for if the ones who said it really believe America is not fair to all the people of the world … of course they would want to take over the country and fix such evilness… and if that is the case … can we really blame them .. therefore do we have a right to intervene in the steps they are taking to get to the point where they can arrive here and fix the cruel ways as they see it of the American people?

Of course .. any sane American president would be bombing the you know what out of those saying this with no mercy whatsoever.

The might of America would be standing tall and bright for the whole world to see as it always has.

Threaten the United States?

At your own risk.

It remains to be seen how Obama will really react to this threat.



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Common Core Reshapes American History


If you have any doubts at all about the Common Core program infiltrating our schools … of if you think perhaps it is a good thing …. you must read this.

Greatest Americans missing from proposed curriculum … even our World War II heroes are cut short.It certainly makes me wonder how many people have any idea of what is going on in our public tax payer based government run schools?

Do they even care?

This is a complete rewrite mainly by omission of our proud history.

When Obama said he would fundamentally change America …. he certainly meant it in a much deeper way than any of us would have ever fathomed a person sitting in our Oval Office in the chair of the President of these great United States would ever be capable of even thinking  …much less following through and doing.

Does it not make you wonder who the people are why have to be backing him and where are they?

Certainly they are not proud Americans who have any concept whatsoever of what this country is and who it stands for.

Certainly they must be our enemies … for only our enemies would want this great country destroyed from inside out.

Certainly if they can reach our youngest children at the most vulnerable and shapeable years of their lives …. our country is in great danger indeed …. not to even mention our children.

Where are our representatives in government?

Do they not care either … none of them?

Don’t they have families they care about?

Do they not believe any of these “changes” will affect them and their families?

Are there still people out there who call themselves proud Americans who still stand behind Obama?

Madness …. true madness.

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Get Michelle Out Of Our Kids Lives!



Are you tired yet of Michelle dictating to you what your kids can or cannot eat and forcing that down their throats through the school lunch programs?

Are you sick of your kids begging for good lunches because nothing at school is worth eating in their eyes?

Are you fed up with your kids complaining about being starved at school because the lunches you are paying good money for for them have nothing in them to satisfy their hunger and their energy needs?

Well… now comes Michelle to tell you that there will be no more donuts or cupcakes or anything yummy sold at your bake sales either.

How does that make you feel?

There has to be some way we can all get Michelle out of our kids lives ….. for she has no business there.  Call your representative and ask him for some suggestions … or perhaps you can begin a campaign of your own to get this ball started.

Certainly there is nothing more disgusting than replacing your donut with a granola bar at your school bake sale!

Put down the cupcake … new ban hits school bake sales

Did you know your tax dollars were paying for kids to be sent to Cuba to try to start political unrest there at the orders of Obama?

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Obama Names German General As Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe



First Obama purged the military of all the top people who did not fall into his “agenda” … using any lie or false incrimination he could to do so.  General Petraeus is still under FBI investigation since his removal two years ago … no doubt to stop him from being able to testify to anyone about anything.

Here are some links to the purging Obama has done….

The Common Sense Show

IJ Review

Now the news comes that Obama has appointed as the Chief of Staff of our Army in Europe …. that is the United States Army …. a German general.

Obama places German foreign commander as Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe

You have to agree there is something very seriously wrong with this picture.

I fear for our country.

As Obama seems to be doing all he can to bring this country upside down …. I stand in pride with Netanyahu as he vows to fight the terrorist Hamas for as long as it takes to bring peace into Israel …. as he tells Obama to ‘back off’.


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Obama vs Reagan .. A Study In Contrasts

Two airplanes shot down …. two presidents responding to those tragedies.


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Tax Dollars To Pay For Luxurious Illegal Immigrant Housing



UPDATE:  We the people are heard!  Let’s continue to keep our voices loud!    Fed backed group decides to drop plans to buy fancy hotel to house illegals.

If this does not open your eyes to this administrations’s ineptness and unfairness to we the people … what can?

This administration is giving millions of your dollars to a Baptist ‘charity’ to buy a luxurious resort in Texas to open for the purpose of housing illegal immigrants.

Is there no one who can stop the takeover of our country by this president and his minions?

Cities are fighting back … fighting against these illegals being housed by the government in their midst… but the media refuses to let we the people know this.

Why?  Rush explains his theory on it here…… 

The madness is way beyond any limits we could possilbly imagine.


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Mexico, Guatemala and Greece Make U.S. Immigration Policy


Looks like these countries … Mexico, Guatemala and Greece … have more say in who can enter the United States than we the people do ... and certainly someone somewhere in this Obama administration had to agree with the stipulations Mexico came up with in assisting the people of Central America in their fourney to enter our country illegally.


Who cares?

We must … we have a duty … to house all these people .. like it or not?

Why do we have a border in the south?

Why do we have immigration laws?

There is a family in Africa … an American family …  who has lived there for years doing humanitarian work who have children of their own but now have adopted an African boy.

They have been told they most likely will not be able to come with that boy to visit here in America … their homeland … for at least ten years .. maybe even never.

Yet … a gateway for flooding into our country from the south has been made clear and open by Mexico… Guatemala … and Greece.


These people are not refugees … as the man from Greece is referring to them. They are illegal immigrants… who are going completely against our immigration laws and this administration is aiding them.


It becomes more and more complete.

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