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Hawaii On Target

This statement concerns the Hawaii anti-missile move … something that could be assumed is not done lightly.

“The United States has no indication that North Korean missile technology has improved markedly since past failed launches, and military and other assessments suggest the communist nation probably could not hit the westernmost U.S. state if it tried, officials said.

Probably could not hit the westernmost U.S. state.

What kind of childplay is this?

Why are test missiles fired?  Would not one purpose be to see just how far they can go .. to be able to tell just what they need to do to make them go further?

This is our national defense we are talking about and we are talking in probabilities because after all silly little North Korea is such a pain in the neck to deal with .. and besides they probaly couldn’t hit us anyhow?

Could that be termed underestimating an enemy?

We have idiots filling every corner of Washington now apparently and of course not one of them ever ever ever identifies himself… not ever.  The only name you see coming out of the Defense Department is Defense Secretary Robert Gates .. who is far from an idiot. He has genuine concern for our defense.

He is the one who had the anti-missile system set up in Hawaii.  Do you believe he did it lightly?

The rest in Washington seem to think this is some kid’s game …. want to treat North Korea as some naughty child who just will not behave no matter how much its hands are slapped … and what a nuisance that child is beginning to become .. acting as though it is an adult.

Go away and let us be … seems to be the mood.  We are busy here .. can you not see that?

Oh.. well… Korea probably doesn’t  have anything it can hit us with anyhow.

Get that mosquito out of here.



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