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The Honduras “Crisis”

The only crisis in Honduras seems to be that the people do not want Zelaya.. the ousted president .. back in office.

Mr. Zelaya said he is ready to accept in principal points set forth to settle the matter by a mediator appointed to end the matter.

One problem .. the interim government of Micheletti has rejected the main point of the negotiations .. which is to allow Zelaya to be reinstated.

Hmmmm….. makes you wonder why doesn’t the interim government want Zelaya to be reinstated?  All Zelays did in the past was pass himself off as someone he knew the people wanted him to be in order to get elected .. then changed to his true colors once he had won the office.  (Sound familiar?)

Anyhow… let’s see.  Put him back in office because he is saying of course he will agree with the points put down… anything.. put anything down.. he’ll agree with it.

Why wouldn’t he?  He wants to get back in.

Then .. of course once reinstated .. he will be much more careful and sneaky in how he goes about his business.

That lesson he has learned.


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