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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

Obama Takes Charge

Obama takes charge .. as he announces the bankruptcy of Chrysler…. and the end of Chrysler as we have known it. Obama would never ever have approved a plan of Chrysler to survive on its own with a federal loan .. no matter how good the plan may have been. His plan was to lead […]

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D.C. On A Roll

D.C. is on a roll … which may be a death roll for all of us. 2.5 trillion dollars… and that is above and beyond the everyday budget that had already been planned for last year. That is what has been spent  in new dollars in Washington D.C. by Obama and with the approval of […]

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The Truth Peeks Through

Is it the truth peeking through? As Obama pushes Chrysler into a bankruptcy prepared by Obama …. it is set up so Fiat will step in and take over Chrysler .. paving the way for Fiat “to produce its first model with Chrysler in 2011 if the accord between the companies is approved”… Fiat chief Sergio […]

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“The Buck Stops With Me”

He did say that … “the buck stops with me.” Obama did say that .. but I guess it was meant only for that specific moment..the sound of it as he justified  the appointment of Geithner and stood by him with the AIG fiasco. Stupid me.  I thought it would mean he would take the […]

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Why Fold?

Why fold? It is the question that comes to mind over and over and over again as the heads of our greatest companies bend over and fold at Obama’s feet. Why? General Motors is now going to be owned by the UAW  and the government.  Chrysler?  Who knows. Why did not Rick Wagoner say to […]


The Mystery Flight

The mystery flight of yesterday over New York is really that .. a mystery flight that no one … absolutely no one knew about. NO one. It was an Air Force One airplane .. one that Obama flies in … escorted by two F16 fighter jets yet NO one knows anything about that flight. The […]

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Obama’s Quadzillions

Where do Obama’s quadzillions he is spending come from? Every day there is at least one new “project” Obama is giving billions of dollars to ….and today it is “science and research”…. and this time he is giving an actual percentage of our gross domestic product! He is like a shopaholic … only he is […]

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Servitude. Servitude and the 13th amendment. The 13th Amendment of our Constitution protects every American citizen from  servitude. Now Obama is asking a civil commission to come up with their ideas of how he can make the service program that he calls an expansion of AmeriCorps … named the Edward M. Kennedy National Service Act […]

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To Fear Or Not To Fear?

To fear or not to fear … is that the question?   Perhaps it should be what to fear and what not to fear. Swine flu! Pandemic potential! 103 dead in Mexico! Wear masks! Who and why are they spreading this fear?  Should it be something to fear?  Does it not sound all too familiar? […]

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Another UNNAMED Administration Member

Has anyone noticed how often a spokesman for the administration is “unnamed” due to one reason or another? More often than not. In the announcement that the GOVERNMENT is preparing a bankruptcy filing for Chrysler .. the GOVERNMENT … and.. “The Treasury has an agreement in principle with the United Automobile Workers union, whose members’ […]

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Oh CO2!

Oh CO2 …. the irony of it all.  As the studies on CO2 go on and on and on… the latest “shows” that the more we clean the air .. the less CO2 is able to be absorbed by plants . Why? Well… contradictory to what everyone has “known” through common sense for centuries…  I […]

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Protect Those Terrorists!

Protect those terrorists! That unbelievably seems to be the call from Washington. First the prison holding terrorists was ordered closed… with the terrorists perhaps being moved into the United States where maybe they can go to “school” … then memos were revealed to the world by Obama that never should have been revealed… memos concerning […]

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