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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009

Free Enterprise to Politics In Practice

General Motors is on its way to bankruptcy.   Now the battle starts over what happens to the remains. The real General Motors is headquartered in downtown Detroit in the Renaissance Center.  It is a beautiful complex sitting alongside the Detroit River.  It is also expensive. The mayor of Warren … a Detroit suburb with a […]

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United States .. Proudly We Stand

The fact we no longer have someone in the White House who commands respect around the world is more and more evident every day. Today we heard from the United Nations “expert” calling us on our miltiary in Afghanistan and Iraq .. and even on our stance on the death penalty in our own country. […]

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Obama’s True Colors?

In Los Angeles .. Obama spoke arrogantly and boastfully .. and angrily. While speaking about his Supreme Court choice … Sonia Sotomayor.. he slipped in his usual perfectly controlled arrogance.  He slipped enough to allow his influence from Jeremiah Wright to shine through for all to see like a spotlight was on him …. and […]

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Only In Hollywood

It is like this country has been forced onto a bullet train and is being taken in such a rapid pace to oblivion that we can’t even catch our breath long enough to take a fresh one. Listen to Obama in Los Angeles… before the Hollywood crowd … raising big money for the Democratic National […]

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Agree Or Lose Big

General Motors.. oh pardon….. Obama Motors has told the major bondholders of what was once known as the biggest and proudest auto company in the world that if they did not agree with Obama and take what he offers .. they would lose big time.   If they did not agree to a 10% stake […]

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Politics vs What Is Best For America

Whatever you read … whoever you listen to… if it concerns politics in Washington … and this applies to many Republicans as well as Democrats … the first and foremost thought in every politician when trying to make a decision on some issue .. is  how it will affect them politically. It is just madness. […]

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Everyone Is Fair Bait

…… White House press secretary Robert Gibbs issued a pointed warning to opponents of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination Wednesday, urging critics to measure their words carefully during a politically charged confirmation debate. “I think it is probably important for anybody involved in this debate to be exceedingly careful with the way in which […]

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Korea Sticks Its Tongue Out At Obama

North Korea announces it has an atom bomb half the size of the one dropped on Hiroshima … and that it has no worries whatsover about American sanctions… after all they have been living with them for years.  In fact .. Korea says .. we have no fear of America.  We can hit them raw […]

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Obama Banks?

Remember the “stress test” the government had banks go through not too long ago? There were nine found to be “OK”… the other ten needed to raise more money. The other ten are Bank of America Corp. . Wells Fargo & Co., auto lender GMAC LLC  (all taken care of now), Citigroup Inc.  and Morgan Stanley… […]

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Today’s Ridiculosity Report

A Professor has had an epiphany. We will paint all the roofs in the world white. That .. people .. is a real proposal by Obama’s Energy Secretary… Stephen Chu .. at a three-day Nobel Laureate Symposium in London  It is real You see .. if we paint all roofs white… we will somehow be combatting […]

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From You To The Government

Spend too much?  No problem.  Just tax more.  After all .. it’s not our money we are talking about here. Sounds like Obama … our government .. doesn’t it? Anyone who is not familiar with the history of czars should do some research and some reading.  We are headed right on the same path Russia […]

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UAW And Obama

Obama is supposed to be for the little guy.. right? General Motors UAW employees were asked to give concessions in the battle for General Motors’ survival.  The sad thing is no matter what …General Motors will not survive.  Obama Motors will take over… already has of course. In the meantime …. the UAW employees were […]

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