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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009

White House Dignity

Just as we Americans have suffered and survived much from our leaders and lawmakers .. so has the White House. Now we have a beer party being thrown by the man who sits in that great Oval Office. A beer party. Does he think he is still in his frat house? Does he really believe […]

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Obama Health Care Realities

The talk is no abortions in Obama’s great one for all health care plan… but is that even a reality for him?  He may not insist it is in there right now… too appease enough Democrats to win their votes.. just as he is trying so hard to convince the public that their health insurance […]

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And Life Goes On

It is funny. Obama is running so hard and desperately to get his great bills passed.  He is appointing more and more people .. it seems .. to his administration to be paid absolutely atrocious salaries paid for by us in one way or another … keeps pushing spending and more spending .. keeps trying […]


Obama’s Memory Lapse

In his own words … a slight contradiction to actions of the day? Fast Tube by Casper Now health care has to be passed by August 1st … the energy bill has to be passed by September.  Cannot allow anyone time to read those bills and see what is really in them … just like […]

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What About That Birth Certificate?

‘..we have seen it… it is real … it is in Hawaii… it was burned so there is no record left of the birth certificate …. etc etc etc…” The obsession grows. Fast Tube by Casper Just where was Obama really born? Is he “legally” sitting in the Oval Office? Simple way to solve it […]

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So Will He Vote For It?

Representative John Conyers … Democrat from Michigan and also the House Judiciary Chairman… has an interesting view of reading the Obama health bill .. or not reading it…. Why read those 1000 pages? So … what do you think?  Would his vote be a “yay” or a “nay“?

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Now Let Us Take Care Of Medicare

A commission to overlook Medicare has been pushed for behind the scenes for weeks now by Obama .. and is finally getting the attention of Congress. One more takeover. Obama wants to form the Independent Medicare Advisory Commission, made up of physicians and healthcare policy experts, which would issue recommendations for Medicare payment rates and payment […]

Rahm Emanuel…We Rescued The Economy

Tonight Obama appears for his fourth prime time new conference … or if you would rather … his fourth prime time infomercial… and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanueltold The New York Times Obama intends to use the news conference as a “six-month report card,” to talk about “how we rescued the economy from the worst […]


It Is Hard Hard Work.. It Is.

It is funny how anything and everything can be spun to look good for the one who is so desperately needing to look good on all fronts .. never mind what it is doing to everyone and everything behind that front. In this case .. Obama has a great response to the fact that his […]

Don’t Ruin My Presidency!

The makeover of the country’s healthcare system by Obama has been likened to what could be his Waterloo… a comparison made by Senator John DeMint of S. Carolina.   Obama openly denied it. Now however … the following report has come out… revealing just how close to reality that statement could be… and just how […]

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The Incongruity Of National Health Care

Everyone has a right to healthcare insurance!  No one should go without!  We the government will give it to all! Of course… there are a few little minor fine print items that go along with it. First … every business must provide every employee with healthcare insurance.  (HUH?  What about the health care the government […]

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Hands Off!

Obama’s auto czar warned Congress to keep their hands off of the auto companies .. not to mess things up. Ron Bloom, a senior adviser at the Treasury Department heading the administration’s efforts on autos, warned members of a House Judiciary sub-panel that an intervention by Congress on behalf of auto dealers would set a […]

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