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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

The New Congressional Voice?

The Drudge Report links this… and it is worth linking to from anywhere and everywhere someone can see and hear it. Notice how she praises Cuba… the health care system there.. and Fidel Castro himself.. along with the revolution that destroyed Cuba. Here is Rep. Diane Watson [D] .. in her own words. Fast Tube […]

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Just One More Takeover Control Act

Just one more takeover control act to report .. nothing new these days……. Obama needs cyber control … in case of emergency know. So… the Senate has written a bill allowing just that .. for Obama to take over control of the internet .. including personal computers … and shut them off when he […]

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How To Kill A Business By Mark Lloyd

Want to get a business out of your way? Push its licensing fees up to where they are equal to its operating costs. Think that just might do it? The new czar of the Federal Communications Commission … Mark Lloyd …. no doubt knows it is … yet  it is what he wants to do […]

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Point Made … Congresswoman

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter makes a point here very clearly .. the point so many of us are trying to make to the federal government. Fast Tube by Casper Exactly.  The Constitution does not say the federal government can do any of those things.. so why does it take this power into its hands on its […]

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Kennedy And Health Care

Now that Ted Kennedy has died .. the push for national healthcare will come harder than ever.. in his name of course. The only question that should be asked as this Obamacare is pushed and advocated for under Kennedy’s name is will it be the same health care that was available to Kennedy? If not.. […]

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9/11 Becomes “Green The Block” Day

September 11, 2009 will be the first National Service Day. This from Van Jones .. Special Advisor for Green Jobs at theWhite House Council on Environmental Quality We’re moving full speed ahead toward a 21st century, clean energy economy. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, we’ve already invested more than $60 billion toward the green […]

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And One More Takeover Attempt

The Pentagon has proposed a change in how military troops are managed in the case of any state emergency. It’s (Pentaagon) request to Congress is to grant the secretary of Defense the authority to order reserve forces to active duty to assist in disaster response … in any state emergency where federeal troops maybe needed. […]

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Obama Is Filling His Bag

Just as Holder announced he has appointed a special prosecuter to investigate those who so horrifically “tortured” those terrorists who would have any one of us dead in a second if they had their way… Obama has proposed to set up an elite enforcement team to interrogate terrorists… a group answerable only to the White […]

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Nothing To Fear

Terrorists no longer have anything to fear from America. Today Attorney General Holder appointed a special prosecuter to investigate all those who so ingloriously “tortured”  terrorist suspects following 9/11.  Never mind if they were terrorists jumping in glee at the success of their compatriots in the 9/11 attack.  Never mind if they were complicit in […]

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Just A Trillion?

So the healthcare Obama wants to pass is just a trillion dollars? I guess a trillion dollars isn’t much to you if the money isn’t yours. Now how about nine trillion?  That is the deficit the Obama administration projects over the next ten years.  That is a big chunk of money … so what does […]


Common Sense Lives

Common sense  lives .. is alive and well.. in the United States. We Americans are not stupid.  Once we know and understand what is going on .. common sense steps in and makes judgements that cannot be made until that understanding is upon us. As the details of Obama’s healthcare plan have come to be […]

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Death Book .. Death Panels

Death book .. death panels. Is there a difference? Let’s see. Jim Towey wrote in The Wall Street Journal: “If President Obama  wants to better understand why America’s discomfort with end-of-life discussions threatens to derail his health-care reform, he might begin with his own Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He will quickly discover how government […]

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