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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

California The Leader

California has always been known to be a part of the “left” coast … and has always been known as the leader of all things seemingly far flung and ridiculous to the rest of the country. Now .. all broken and flatlined economically after years of liberal spending and taxing habits …. a new tax plan […]

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Better Schooling For Our Kids

Obama’s next push? We must make the school days longer .. after all we are not producing children educated on the same scale as Korea. Make the days longer? What about making the hours that our chldren already spend in school worth something? It would be great if each of our teachers in the public […]

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Northern Lights … The Sky At Night

Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan … ice skating under the glow of the northern lights was just common place. Now I realize what a privileged experience that was. The glow wasn’t quite as bright as what you will see below… but it was magical… lights dancing in the sky on a still […]

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A Change of Pace … We All Need It

Story of the unlikely winner…… Fast Tube by Casper Enjoy!

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Michigan Under Duress

Michigan may have to close its doors .. just plain shut down. The government is not able to find a way to curb its spending. To meet some of the 3 billion dollar deficit in the state .. Gov. Granholm plans to use the stimulus money.  Wasn’t that supposed to be to stimulate the economy […]

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Obama Goes After The Federal Reserve

As Obama rolls the whole world into one neat financial control package with him as the boss … it is time to get our own Federal Reserve into line. So .. he has asked Congress to begin taking away the Feds power.. the first being the power to regulate .. basing his decision on the […]

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Forty Year Path Of A Dictator

Remorse ? Libya’s Qaddafi …  a softer side? Don’t be fooled….. Absolute authoritarian control. A dogged determination…. Leader forever. Playing it safe…. Shrewd moves = self perservation Forty years…. Forced adoration. Libyans will celebrate……….. Or will they?

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The Hope Of America?

Fast Tube by Casper

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Free Speech Always Works

Qaddafi spent way way more than his allotted fifteen minutes to build his fame yesterday at the U.N. Summit in New York. He ranted and raved his way through something like 90 minutes of time. The simple fact that he was there in New York had to be extremely painful for every person who was […]

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How To Win Friends.. Influence Enemies

Obama at his greatest…. .. and this could be titled how to humilate .. completely embarrass …. every American in this country. May I apologize to the entire Great Britain community on behalf of the inconsiderate oaf sitting in the Oval Office over here? Well.. whether I may or may not .. I do.

Comedy Of The Day

U.N. aims at nuclear free world…….. It sounds sort of like the chickens telling the fox to behave at night while they are perched asleep on the open rail.

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Hey Brits .. Not Special?

… in response to Mark Mardell .. Hey Brits. Never mind Obama. You are special in our eyes .. the eyes of the Americans. After all.. if it were not for you .. we would not be.  Fact. We love your silly accent and your wet and foggy London.. wonderful seaside Torquay… your Big Ben […]

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