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{ Monthly Archives } November 2009

How Fast Can November 2010 Get Here?

How fast can November 2010 get here? The world we live in is perfectly amazing … and quite a joke. Even as the biggest hoax on earth concerning global warming  is being uncovered .. the media goes on its daily blitz of “news” with not even a mention of it .. while the man in the […]

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Surprise! Global Warming Hoax Really Is Just That

Now we are having proof shown to us that the global warming has indeed been trumped up by people who would … what .. benefit most monetarily once they got all the fools to agree with them ..all  the suckers in the world to gladly give and give and give to “save this planet”? Surprise […]

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Our Health Care Has Become A Commodity

Our health care has become nothing more than a commodity in the eyes of some senators in Washington. Just how far  could $300 million dollars go toward giving those so-called millions of Americans who are out of health care …. good health care? That is the amount of money supposedly by her own admittance Louisiana’s […]

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Obama Truth

Does truth have a part in Obama’s administration at all? The more you read and hear and see … the less it seems possible. Truth obviously has no bearing on anything this administration does.  Obama needs people who will fall at at his feet …  following in his steps with no questions asked and he […]

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Stop Mammograms … Government Group States

Stop mammograms is the new cry from the government… and why? A group of “independent” group of people who make up the United States Preventive Service Task Force  which is funded by the government have put out a new guideline for mammogram testing for women…….. The United States Preventive Service Task Force announced Monday that […]

Monthly Abortion Fee In Reid’s Health Plan

Is a monthly abortion fee as stated in Sen. Reid’s health plan a surpise? Of course  not. An insult to the American people? Of course. It is another slap in the face of all decent … thoughtful … moral … common sense freedom loving Americans. How? Simply by slapping down all they stand for .. […]

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Going Rogue .. An Important Book For Our Time

Going Rogue by Sarah Palin is a book every American today should read. It is written with candid honesty.  There is nothing hidden.    The events .. the people … the happenings are written as they were. Not only that .. it resonates with an honesty that shines out like a rare jewel and it […]

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Obama’s Hatred For U.S. Same As Terrorists?

Obama’s hatred for the United States is at the same level as terrorists.  The only difference is how he emits that hatred. Obama has vowed to change America in how it is run … changing everything abouit how we live and enjoy our freedom. Terrorists have vowed to destroy it by violence. Obama must not […]

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Al Gore And Determination

Determination cannot be underestimated. All you need do is look at Al Gore.  For about three decades he has been determinded to make the world know we are going to self destruct by the global warming we are causing. Even following the coldest summer in decades .. he hangs on to his belief.  The world […]

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Obama Rule

As Obama continues to go around the world .. letting the world know we are now no different than anyone else .. the old ogre is gone … How Low Will He Go? Fast Tube by Casper ….. he coldly and methodically continues his path here at home to take control. He cares not about […]

Can You Do This?

Can you do this .. and get away with it? White House Aims To Cut Deficit With TARP Cash Obama now says he wants to use some of the stimulus money to pay off the national deficit …therfore being able to say he has cut the deficit. HUH??? Then he wants to keep some in […]

Obama .. These Are True Americans

With all he is attempting to do and how he is attempting to do them … Obama has obviously never  been taught what it is to be a true American. He could take a lesson from these people …. Americans as we know true Americans to be. Benjamin Sherman Died In Afghanistan Trying To Save […]