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{ Monthly Archives } January 2010

Washington D.C.s Top Ten Most Corrupt Politicians … 2009

Here is a very interesting list … nice to know who is running our country .. after all……. Judicial  Watch’s top ten list of most corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. for 2009. So.. the feelings you have had were correct .. .and not political.  What we have seen was real .. and not percieved out […]

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Obama All Speeched Out?

In tonight’s State of the Union address Obama could find himself all “speeched” out. In other words … the American people may all look at this as just another speech most likely to be filled with more empty meaningless promises of change and hope that will end up right where those promises of a year […]

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Back To Campaigning And Building A New Bubble

Obama is back to campaigning. His actions have brought about a very wary bunch of Americans who no longer trust him with much of anything. His answer to that .. instead of listening to what they are saying .. is to simply say in so many words … ‘Oops.. guess they lost my message somewhere […]

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New Bits And Pieces

More bits and pieces affecting our lives….. Well.. this may not effect your life much.. but.. great message … seems like a great guy… great fun.. whether you like Idol or not….. Fast Tube by Casper Obama fashioning us after Japan?   Obama Ready to Short U.S. With Japan Inc. Talk Spending freeze … really […]

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The Dumbing Down Becomes Complete

No wonder the kids have problems. The dumbing down of America is now complete. Obama’s Race To The Top program for our public shcools is a program in which he treats every school and every educational professional in those schools as  idiots who need carrots hanging in front of their noses to do their jobs. […]

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And Yet One More Obama Commission

One more commission … Obama says  … this one to decide what to spend on .. or rather .. what spending cuts to make … and what taxes to increase .. is absolutely ridiculous. Obama will never never ever understand that we want him out of our lives… and not into them even deeper. Cut […]

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America Rising

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians Fast Tube by Casper You have all betrayed the trust of the American people. Our most powerful voice …. our vote. Thank you.. signal2010 .. the composer of this video.

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Bits And Pieces

Where in the world is this person living? Obama following in JFK’s footsteps ? That is the biggest insult to Kennedy anyone could utter………… Will they ever understand? Gibbs on the healthcare path forward… The best path forward is to drop it .. we the people do not want it  …. yet even after the […]

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Our Society’s Sleeping Pill

If you wonder how our society  has been put so soundly to sleep … and why it is so hard to awaken it… … you need to watch the following video …  then relate it to the fact that mothers are dressing the youngest of daughters to emulate  the “star” of the video …… never […]

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Scott Brown Elected Because of Bush?

Well.. it had somesthing to do with Bush .. of course.. and not a good thing. Obama said this…. see video here … “.. the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.  People are angry and frustrated and not just because of what happened in the past year or two years […]

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Will Obama Ever Catch On?

Even with the loss of the Senate seat in Massachusetts ….  the biggest Senate seat loss there could possibly be for the Democrats … Obama still does not get it. He just does not understand at all why we do not want what he is peddling. He just does not understand American freedom at all. […]

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The Giant Stirs … The Eagle Flies

The slumbering giant is rolling over  .. the eagle is back in flight. Watch out .. world. America is alive and well… freedom rings loudly within its people … and how appropriate the giant takes its first huge stretch in Massachusestts. When push comes to shove .. no one does it better than the American […]

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