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{ Monthly Archives } February 2010

Signs Of Success?

The fight against the Obama administration’s agenda is showing signs of success. A biggie here…  a vote to ban degrading treatment of  detainees that was written into the classified intelligence budget was stopped …  Republicans stop the vote because they opposed what they saw as backdoor legislation that would impose fines and prison terms on […]

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The Inconvenient Truth About Healthcare Insurers

There seem to be many truths in today’s times that become very inconvenient for Obama and his adminiistration.  Those truths become snags in their efforts to fulfill their agenda … which they want to conveniently profess to be only for the good of the people. The inconvenient truth about global warming is.. of course .. […]

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Government As A Competitor

When government competes … nothing is fair. Toyota is the target and it has no chance against the Obama administration. Toyota is   non-union and needs to be taught a lesson. Ford will be next in one way or another … simply because it is successful. It happens because government is never a competitor .. […]

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Let’s Beat On Toyota

Wed. 2/24 Update: From the Detroit News …  FBI searches 3 local auto suppliers .. and you guessed it… they are tied to Toyota. Wed. 2/23 Let’s beat on Toyota … because we can. That seems to be the logic in this administration. Oh .. Obama is far away from the center but you know […]

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Standing With God

Standing with God and His word is not a fashionable thing to do in these times .. but how can you not if you know what that word is? Miss Beverly Hills 2010 Lauren Ashley joins Carrie Prejean in declaring her belief that same sex marriage is wrong .. and she should be applauded for having […]

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Uh Oh

Scott Brown voted for the jobs bill … and people eveywhere gasped. They shouldn’t have. Just from the fact of where he lives is enough to tell everyone that he.. Scott Brown .. would never be the same conservative Republican found in other parts of the country.  The single fact that he would not vote […]

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Charge It, Please

There is one three word phrase that has probably gotten more people in trouble than any other …. “Charge it, please.” How easy it has been to get a  credit card … and oh how they have been used and abused … by those who should never have had one in the first place … […]

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Washington Is Working Perfectly

Polls say about 75% of Americans feel Washington is broken… but in fact Washington is working perfectly. If you look at what has happened in the past year … since Obama took his seat in the Oval Office … it would seem as though nothing much has happened.. other than Obama going around the world […]

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Bits And Pieces

Obama rules don’t apply to government owned things… GM CEO to get millions … Whitacre’s pay package exceeds the limits imposed on companies that have received U.S. government aid, but the an exemption was worked out with government pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, GM said. Of course.  Why not? KEEP CALLING .. people.  Democrats will pass […]

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Defending Freedom .. Our Greatest Right

Freedom is our greatest right and our Constitution stands strong in protection of it .. as it always has. It is our duty to defend it. Obama went to Nevada. It was one of his stops on his campaign route to help Democrats who are beginning to show trouble in what will be their fight […]

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Obama .. Nuclear Energy.. Offshore Drilling .. Coal

Obama has put himself out there as favorable to new nuclear energy and to bend to more off shore drilling. Are you kiddding me? Where does he really stand? Where ever he must for the moment … perhaps? Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper Fast […]

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Obama And NASA .. Nothing Is Exempt

Nothing is exempt from Obama’s grab. First Obama scraps the moon projects … meaning the new shuttles planned will have to be abandonned. Then he proposes all low orbit flights be “outsourced” to private companies… with Obama “investing” 6 billion dollars in “private space companies”. Here is one more aspect of the economy to fall […]

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