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{ Monthly Archives } March 2010


“We will have healthcare.. one way or another… ”   So said Pelosi … and so we have it .. one way or another. The question is which way did it happen and I think we all know that answer…. by ignoring the people and bribing and bribing and threatening and more threatening … all […]

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Doing What He Believes In

Obama is “doing what he believes in”. This says it all.. the arrogance that drives Obama and his cronies … with a belief only in power and winning.  We the people are non-entities in their eyes….. “He goes into these into these negotiations, and into these legislative battles, with a stronger hand because people understand […]

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FBI Raids Militia…Reasons “SEALED”

It will be interestinsg to see what reasons if any we are given for the raids held in SE Michigan and Ohio over the weekend on the militia groups there at the hand of the FBI and the Joint Anti Terrorist Task Force. The reporting to this point says only that the raids were “sealed” […]

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Caterpillar annouced that the passing of Obamacare would cost them $100 million dollars in the first year.   Verizon said it would cause them to most likely cut healthcare benefits to employees to pay for what it will cost them.  Meditronic said the new tax on its products will cause them to lay off thousands of […]

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You Will Pay For All Those Abortions

“Pass the bill … then you will find out what is in it…” were Pelosi’s words of fame. We are now finding out what is in it .. just what we knew was in it long before it passed .. something that was lied about and denied by those pushing the bill down our’ throats. […]

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A Road To Disaster?

Obama said throughout his campaign he would change  this country from he bottom up by “spreading the wealth around”. Are we on a road to disaster? You decide.

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Still Not Sure Of Obama’s Agenda?

You will be once you view this. Fast Tube by Casper

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Help! My Mortgage Is Underwater!

Your mortgage is underwater .. you say?  You need help… you say? Sure … says  Obama… we .. uh..uh.. errr…. I…will help you with that underwater mortgage … you don’t want your house foreclosed on after all …..BUT … you have to be at least two payments behind on your mortgage and you have to […]

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To All Of Israel

To all of our friends in Israel: I for one … as an American .. believe this country owes you a very deep apology. Obama should be holding his head down in shame for what he  did to your Prime Minister Netanyahu. I am speaking only for myself but I sincerley believe the great majority […]

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Are We Heading To The End Of This?

Are we heading to the end of this … where free speech .. which includes blogs such as this …is guaranteed all Americans without fear of legal repercusion? Read the headlines of these two reports. Cuban leader applauds U.S. healthcare reform bill Anti-Chavez TVchannel owner arrested in Venezuela Now read Obama dares Republicans to seek […]

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Freedom Is Irreplaceable

It is a sad day for America when the government can completely ignore the voice of the large majority of its people and .. using whatever is in its means including bribery .. will force something upon us that we have let them know in millions of  loud and clear voices we do not want. […]

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Why Limbaugh Wanted Obama To Fail

There is a very simple answer to why Rush Limbaugh wanted Obama to fail in his agenda. It is all here. .. and oh the bold lies that were repeated over and over and over again. Now the truth will show itself .. for all to see. The “death panel” that was not there? “The […]

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