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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

And We Must Laugh.. We Just Must!

We must laugh .. as it is what keeps us sane in the midst of madness. The following comes from someone commenting to a post over at Hot Air … and thanks go to jeff the poster… “C-SPAN is doing a deplorable job this morning. They opened the phone lines to illegal aliens to call […]

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Business As Usual … After The Takeover

As the Senate sits on the verge of passing a total takeover of our financial system … everyone out there needs to be aware that … surprise..surprise.. … Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will undergo NO change of any kind whatsoever. It will be business as usual for those govenrment controlled entities who were the […]

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Calling All Patriots!

Yesterday I lamented the fact that there is not one national level politician who will stand up and defend this nation and all it stands for loudly and clearly with the only thought behind that defense being a love for this country. Today this thought has been authenticated by this Pew poll.…  which is represented […]

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And Now We Will Take Your Body

In New York … a bill is on the table that will make all New Yorkers organ donors … without even having a nod for or against. Hmmm… why not?  Perhaps that is why all the agonizing over how unhealthy eveyrone is and the laws to regulate everything we put into our bodies. Makes sense. […]

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Will Someone Get Real?

When oh when will someone quit worrying about bowing to groups for votes and CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY???? It is just unreal that so many politicians… left or right .. up or down …on the national level…. think FIRST of what VOTES his position will cost him rather than WHAT HIS POSITION WILL COST THIS […]

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The Disgrace Of It All

Obama throws money at his government motors … the General Motors he totally ruined for we the people … and now this….. Obama denies individual aid for storm relief…. What more needs to be said about the man? Perhaps this adds to it. Arizona decides to enforce a law that is already on the federal […]

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Someone To Take Care Of You And Me …

Every person in this admisinstration should have had more children …. and stayed home to take care of them. Perhaps then theywouldn’t feel so strongly that we… you and I .. need taking care of … from being told how and what to drive right down to how much salt we can eat. It really […]

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GOP Prevails And Out Come The Same Old Lies

The GOP mangaged to block the financial “takeover” bill for now… and instantly the lies came out…. the biggest one being the old standby… Wall Street caused this financila mess we are in. ‘Democrats seized on the party-line, 57-41 test vote to portray Republicans as standing up for Wall Street banks that helped push the […]

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Unbridled Power Abuse?

Is this unbridled power abuse by this Obama administration? Unbelievable. We want your restaurant, your land … or we just don’t like you prospering so well.. or we just plain do not like you….. The continuaous attempt to throw away our autonomy?  Geithner push for global capital rules Obama using his seat to stir up […]

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You Just Must Laugh

There is much humor to be found in the midst of all the agony of watching what Obama et al are trying to do to our country. This photo was taken at a Sarah Palin rally in Eugene, Oregon.  Go to the original site and take a back look at the other photos there… right […]

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Millions Of American Citizens Echo Limbaugh’s Love Of Country

This deserves to be seen by all ……  worldwide. Rush Limbaugh … For Love Of Country

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While They Drooled…And Other Bits And Pieces

While they drooled… the economy collapsed… at their negligence in taking heed of the warnings being given………….???? ‘Get them now and quick … we will desperately need their votes in November….’ immigration reform .. Obama style…. suddenly pushed ahead of everything… Signs of cracks beginning to show?  Schumer goes against Obama on Israel….. Obama/Blagojevich…. why […]

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