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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

The Beat Goes On

Obama et al will not quit. Obama knows he does not have the votes for his destructive financial “reform” bill.. which is in effect a takeover by him of our entire financial system plus oh so much more .. so he starts whining how the “other” side plans to vote against this wonderful bill of […]

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Usual Order Of Obama Administration .. Pretend And Lie

The usual order of the Obama administration has remained intact with the news of the arrest of many conspirators in a Russian spy ring in Northeastern states that has been under investigation for the past ten years … pretend and lie… and of course do not put America first ever. The first order of the […]

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Bucyrus Should Have Learned From The Auto Companies

Obama vowed in his campaign to shut down coal mining. Did he mean globally? The U.S. Export-Import Bank … funded by Congress …  must believe it has made a huge step toward having him accomplish this deal by denying a loan guarantee to Bucyrus International. Do  these so called men not know that the only […]

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Obama Will Not Tolerate Inaction

The amazing gall of Obama continues to be flabbergasting. In his speech last night to the nation concerning the oil spill in the Gulf … he dared to say there is one thing he will not tolerate .. in reference to doing something about “cap and trade” or something .. .was inaction. He.. the trophy […]

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Why Arizona Had To Act

If you do not agree with the Arizona enforcement of an illegal immigration law.  perhaps you will after viewing this. P.S.  The fence being built is unbelievable to see .. and to see Mexicans  scaling it as they are here is just plain scary.  They have absolutely no respect for anything.. much less this nation. […]

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Why Is All News Energy On The Conservative Side?

The question … why is all the news energy on the conservative side now .. is one many on the left are asking. One writer states the Drudge Report and FOX news are so popular because they have earned it. There is more to it than that. The simple truth is … the conservative side […]

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More Spending

No end in sight …. as one more spending bill moves toward a vote in the Senate. What more needs be said? Called your Senator lately?

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Something To Fear?

Is this something to fear? Is this represesntative of the administraton in Washington today? Fast Tube by Casper Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina.


Call Another Hearing!

What has Obama done to aid in the oil spill mess?  Called hearings! He seems more interested in seeing just whose “ass he can kick” and who he can fine and who he can prosecute rather than how can the Gulf be helped. He refuses to waive the Jones Act to get whatever help we […]

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Obama And His Rampant Spending Mindset

Even as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into debt and bankruptcy … Obama calls for more and more and more spending. First he called again on Congress for billions of dollars for the so called “doc fix”…. saying without it doctors will not be paid for medicare patients and would stop seeing them.  Scare […]

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Biden Backs Rights Of Israel … Does Obama?

Joe Biden stood up and defended Israel’s rights even as the whole world seems to go against them. It is a small bright light in the face of this administration that wants to go against everything freedom stands for. The real question is .. does Obama agree with Biden?  If he does .. why the […]

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Obama Wants The Newspapers .. Online And Off

Every single American should read this.  It is a detailed discussion of how the next freedom being attacked by Obama will “justifiably” be taken over by him. Federal Trade Commission Staff Discussion Draft …. Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism. Do not just glance through the beginning and quit .. thinking it […]

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