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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

Washington In Wonderland

Washington lives in a wonderland that has nothing to do with reality and it is just unbelievable. Fast Tube by Casper Where in the world are these people .living? And.. by the way .. what in the world is the Netroots Nation doing in Vega?  Isn’t that where Obama told the country to stay away […]

The New Financial Oligarchy

Obama touts his financial reform bill … which is nothing more than a financial oligarchy … and the lies he speaks are stomach turning. He speaks of looking out for “public interest” instead of “special interests”.  Is he kidding?  Nothing he says here is true.  Nothing. You can read the bill itself here … all […]

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And So It Begins

And so it begins……… United Health Care and Blue Cross – Blue Shield in Florida have announced they will no longer offer individual children’s health insurance policies. Why? As of September 23, all insurance companies will be forced to cover any child with any disease or medical condition.  The fear of what unknown costs this […]

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The White House Madness Compounds Itself

Who are these people in the White House?  The madness compounds itself on a daily basis. Yesterday .. or the day before .. it was an obesity report of every American to be posted on their electronic health record. Today it is a bill backing the collection of employee pay information from businesses in relation […]

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Bits And Pieces

Perhaps you would like to know where some of your tax dollars are going this beautiful summer morning.  In Detroit .. or rather … Birmingham .. adjoining Detroit .. a “free” breakfast is being handed out to whoever shows up at a breakfast house there .. paid for by your dollars given to Chrysler by […]

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In Performance Live At The White House

The Obama administration is beginning to look and sound more and more like the communist Russian rulers of old as they take their elite vacations … flying their dog over on his own separate private jet with his handler … golfing at will .. and live hand picked performers for White House performances. The rulers […]

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On To The Oceans And Lakes And Rivers

Obama plans to overtake all freedoms in the United States.  He is doing it methodically and with precision .. not letting anything get in his way .. getting bills passed he needs passed .. those bills requiring spending money… in any way he can get them passed and signing executive orders for all other areas. […]

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Brit Writer Figures Things All Wrong

Brit  writer for the U.K. Telegraph.. Alex Spillius has it all wrong. Stating that a poll out by Democracy Corps puts 55% of Americans thinking Obama is a socialist … Spillius rebukes that completely .. calling it absurd. He then states that Americans think a socialist is someone who spends too much money. He has […]

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The New Healthcare

Upon reading this article .. it seems as though the new healthcare we all have staring us in the face is just beginning to be written ..  that it is just now beginning to take shape… Certain tests ordered to be given free “The White House issued new rules…” New rules? How can this be? […]

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The Czar Happy President

Obama loves his czars.  It seems to be he cannot get enough of them.  It seems as though he must be running out of positions to appoint his czars to by now…. but no. There is always one more to appoint. The latest is the “health food” czar. Who should be given such honor? Why […]

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The Ultimate Insult

So you thought this health plan of Obama’s would be a good thing .. maybe? Here is the ultimate insult set forth in it… Every American’s OBESITY rating will be on his/her electronic health record. Believe me .. .  there is no way on earth my health record of any kind will be tracked online […]

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Where In The World Is Obama Living?

Reading the CEA report … the White House Economic Advisers report on the economy .. makes you wonder just where in the world Obama is living. It surely cannot be here in the United States.  That report cannot refer to the state of this country.  It is absolutely impossible. So in what country.. where in […]

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