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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

He Was On That Helicopter

She walked in .. eyes red. “Jonah was on that helicopter.” The sock into the stomach could not have been harder.  It takes the breath away .. causes you to not be able to move. Jonah McClellan .. ace Blackhawk helicopter pilot … died a hero along with eight fellow heroes on a helicopter that […]

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Living The New Reality

The new reality for Americans today is not a pleasant one. The woman below feels it.  She as all of us are living this new reality. Fast Tube by Casper Obama laughs … but what was his answer to her question? Fast Tube by Casper Words by Obama.. meaningless words trying to convince us that […]

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Obama et al have come face to face with the reality of the times …. and they are showing desperation. The popularity that ran rampant during Obama’s campaign has faded to nothing .. and there is a real reason for that.   Obama has turned out to be a leader intent on breaking this country… […]

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Signing Away Freedom

A dear old family friend who came to the United States at the time of the holocaust once said … “Americans don’t realize that with every permit they are required to purchase .. one more bit of their freedom has been lost.” Our government has been signing away our freedom at a hysterically ridiculous rate […]

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And Now It Is The Gold

Regulate .. regulate .. regulate.  Tax.. tax … tax.  Control .. control… control. .. and now it is the gold … as Weiner and Waxman set gold hearing . Methodical … righteous in all its power … relentless .. destructive. That is this administration of Obama. Look around you.  How many people in your life have […]

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Stirring The Pot

Know who you vote for in November. That is just what Sen. Jim DeMint is attempting to make sure we do… as he calls out all those Republicans or any other party affiliation lawmakers in Washington who do not have the heart of the people first in their sites… stirring the pot that is Washington […]

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Bits And Pieces

Oh how they pounce … as the desperation grows. Clinton would love to have you believe the GOP has gone crazy .. when in reality it is the Democrats whom have … in their desperation .. turned to anything they can to try to knock the truth out of the picture. One of those tactics […]

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Obama Help

So much for the government “helping” the “little” guy… FHA home mortgages costing more. Of course .. who is surprised?  This is Obama “help”. Perhaps someone’s  employer wants to expand his business .. wants to hire more people in doing that … wants to build a bigger building to hold his bigger dream … but… .. […]

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Bits And Pieces

“On a day we should be coming together .. we are instead torn apart.” It is a shame that a religion should be made as the foundation for any person’a evil thoughts and desires and actions …. but the fact is it is … always has been and will always be an inherent flaw in […]

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Bits And Pieces

Wonder what would be said if it were the Bible to be burned .. rather than the Koran?  Absolutely ridiculous… and only another excuse to escalate the terror. By the way .. take a look here … flash from the past You see.. the money they spend is not thiers .. only yours.  No wonder […]

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Temper Tantrum?

A child is expected to have temper tantrums when things don’t go his/her way. A president? Obama is having his greatest temper tantrums to date in this time before the November election.  He is stamping his feet and shouting out like that child who has not yet learned that life is not such that it […]

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How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is when the truth as one wishes it were can be layed out there as sweet and innocent and pure as new fallen snow .. all in a movie for the whole world to see. That is how it is with the movie “Machete”… which treats illegal aliens as pure victims of […]

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