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{ Monthly Archives } October 2010

The Truth In Hard Words

Finally the truth is spoken in hard words from someone who was right in the mix.  Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) speaks here of his experiences with this administration. It is the truth as we have all believed it to be .. an authoritarian rule at the hand of Pelosi .. with hard hitting tactics from […]

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Time For A Good Chuckle

A good chuckle does everyone good … better yet .. a downright belly laugh .. especially now after all the gut wrenching worry and agony we have all suffered through these past two years with Obama et al at the helm. We have all heard how Bush is responsible for everything .. just everything.  Strong […]


Bits And Pieces

To gain respect you must show respect.  Is a President really showing respect by appearing on a comedy show?  Obama did that again .. and that again is because he has already shown himself on Saturday Night Live .. and now on Comedy Central. The question seems to be whether or not he should have […]

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Getting It All Backwards

It is always amazing.. and it always will be.. to see how people like Obama and Gibbs et al continue on their way getting it all backwards.  Even a child could understand the things Obama et al seem to not be able to grasp. The simple fact that spending money you do not have is […]

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To Our Troops….

My Country Tis Of Thee … the song on the welocme page of this blog says it all… and listening to it always always brings me to the troops who are so far away from home and standing between us and devastation with their lives … and this war on terror is the worst yet […]

Annie Oakley vs Jimi Hendrix

A very intersting contrast came about in two separate stories I heard today .. one concerning Annie Oakley and the other Jimi Hendrix. An elementary school age daughter of a friend of mine was given a school assignment that required her to do a biography of a famous person. Annie Oakley came to mind in […]

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The Worm Turns

The worm turns .. from hope to fear .. and the truth has been revealed completely through the course of the turning. Obama has gone from spouting hope to pouring fear … all in a matter of two short years. The hope he was so beautifully fanning out across the nation in 2008 was nothing […]


Hammering The Truth

Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) is busy slamming the truth spoken by his Republican opponent Ken Buck. Of course .. this is not news.  It is the slamming of the truth that has brought the Democrats to the point at which we find them today … being laid bare just for who and what they are. […]

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The Empire Strikes Back

The empire strikes back … so Obama states it.. and he is oh so right. The empire is striking back .. but not in the way he wants people to believe it is… with lies and negative ads. The empire is striking back with the truth …  and as usual .. it is the truth […]


Pathetic Unreality

The Democrats are in trouble … and should be … and once more the degree of unreality Obama is living in comes through  .. this time at a fundraiser last evening in the home of a wealthy hospital executive in Massachusetts .. where he claims the reason for this trouble is because “we (Americans) are […]

When Common Sense Is Gone

When common sense is gone … the path ahead really does lead to destruction. The Democrat candidate for governor in Michigan has put forward a business proposal for the state that certainly indicates the complete loss of common sense.  It is a proposal that would certainly destroy the state even more than it already has […]

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The Unbridgeable Gap

There is an unbrideable gap between today’s White House and the American people who truly value this great country of ours and all it stands for. Obama is what stands on the far bank .. and the chances are slim to none that he will ever be capable of doing anything to help make that […]

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