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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

Bits And Pieces

It has been quite a year.  None of it has to be repeated here.  We all lived it and can look back to see just what went on. It continues to the end. As gas prices steadily rise .. with demand being down… where is the outrage that was there against George Bush when prices […]

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Welcome Christmas .. The Hush Heard Round the World

The baby in the manger … the bright star .. the shepherds in awe .. the wisemen traveling … .. and once more the hush is heard around the world. Merry Christmas to all.


Bits And Pieces

Common sense wins out here with Gov. Christie at the helm… Man’s sentence for having guns commuted. Madness strikes once more.. as FCC takes on web even after court rules against it. Obama rule seems to be … get it any way you can.  Legality?  Rules?  Ah… that applies to the people.  We are way […]

Madness Out Of Control

The madness goes on… but now is reeling totally out of control.  All you need do is read how Christmas trees make non-Christians feel excluded … and you know you feel it. Get rid of publicly displayed Christmas trees … yet we can have foot baths installed in public universities and calls to prayer made […]

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Outmaneuvered … Outspent … Again

Once more the Republicans in Congress have been outmaneuverd and outspent.  Obama got just what he wanted and believe me that was not a hole in the bucket.  He got more spending with the so called “tax cut” bill just passed than he would have gotten in the omnibus bill that was scrapped. Charles Krauthammer […]

Republicans Paralyzed By Fear?

Rush Limbaugh seems to think the Republicans are paralyzed by fear …. but if they are .. it is all the wrong kind of fear for sure. They should be energized by fear by now…. fear of what this Congress has forced upon us to now and what it is in one last gasp trying […]

And It Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

As each day goes by .. it gets curiouser and curiouser……. So John McCain knows the Congress is not doing what the people demanded be done by its statement in the November election .. yet he will vote for it .. the taxbill that is filled with more and more spending that has nothing to […]

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Van Jones Is Deadly To Our Freedom

Van Jones is deadly to our freedom and deadly serious about stripping us of every shred of it. Van Jones: We are coming for the media and that’s not all. Tell me something I don’t know. The big take-away that people are getting from this is how they want to take over the media. We […]

Bits And Pieces

It is amazing.  There is at least one Democrat .. Keith Ellison of Minnesota .. who would “create a Christmas crisis” to force the Republicans to vote to stop the Bush tax rates. Fast Tube by Casper The only thing these people cannot stand is the fact that there is still some freedom left in […]

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Bits And Pieces

Hmm.. get your waiver from Obamacare yet? Maybe this is the answer for us all?  Perhaps only the select few……..? So the “Republicans” are holding small businesses hostage?  How about all those Americans who do not claim to be Republicans or Democrats or Independents or any political gender but just want to be sure we […]

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Congress Democrats are up to their usual shenanigans … as noted here….  Reid pushes four versions of DREAM act without hearing .. a bill that would cost taxpayers billions. The madness continues. Push for extension of unemployment benefits that could “cost 600,000 jobs”… but “tax the rich” who could PROVIDE those jobs. … and Big […]

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Bits And Pieces

Will the GOP really follow through… consistently and firmly stand their ground to save us all?  Could this be a sign?   Michelle’s obesity food bill put on hold .. scuttled by House GOP. Keep and eye open.  Keep in touch with your representatives .. your senator. We need to make sure they don’t bend […]

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