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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011

White Becomes Black As Black Becomes White

White becomes black as black becomes white. Even as I write this I can hear people screaming at me …. racism, racism, RACISM! Truth is it is just a referral to what is happening in today’s times. Everything right is beginning to be touted as wrong and everything wrong is being declared right. Of course […]

Pivoting to Civility

Pivot is the new verb. Civility is the new adverb .. or is it adjective? Whatever .. the Dems have changed things again to make the times fit their agenda .. or at least attempt to make that change. The November election is having its effect .. though not in a way you may have […]

Parents .. Are You Really Surprised?

Suddenly sex is over the edge with our young ?  Suddenly?  Are you really surprised .. parents? Where have you been for the past forever decades as MTV and all of its cohorts fed this nation’s young more and more lewd feed?  It became that way because it was eaten up like candy by those […]

Bits And Pieces

Our freedom of speech needs chains on it to be able to survive? That sounds as insane as anything we have heard yet… and this is a Brit telling us what we need. Life gets curiouser and curiouser… and even more so with the following thought…. GOP’s healthcare repeal.. tactless timing? Never has a tragedy […]

President Obama … Please Pay Attention

Our country is roiling .., in mistrust, suspicion, fear.  These emotions are all very well founded .. but not on the things many people have them founded upon. Obama has worked hard to cause a mistrust in those who are successful, in those who own businesses , in those who run businesses, in those who […]

Bits And Pieces

Hmmm… we cannot be bothered to do or say much about the invasion of our southern border but …. we sure can stop that 9 year old child from coming  here to Disney World!  After all .. he might just choose to stay! Steady on the road to less economy …  Obama stays on his […]

Tucson Memorial

Obama did it well. He said just the right words at just the right time .. or did he?  Did he and his advisers wait just long enough to “read” the public reaction to this tragedy .. then write his speech accordingly? Obama is treading water … treading it very carefully … but you can […]

America The Beautiful

The screaming from the top seems to diminish the importance of the quiet below. Even as the Democrats do their best at trying to make something out of the Tucson tragedy that it wasn’t .. namely .. somehow the fault of those who they percieve to be their enemies.. the conservatives … life in this […]

Healthcare 2011

Now that Obama’s healthcare has begun to kick in .. have you noticed a difference in yours? If not … you are fortunate indeed. Here are some changes in one basic family healthcare plan. An annual physical was always a must.  Now three further screenings are mandatory … a bodyfat screen, a nicotine screen and […]

Now For The Quick Fix Or Two Or Three

The Democrats are coming up with solutions to fixing such actions as the Tucson shooting so fast it is hard to keep up with them. First of course they had to determine who was to blame and there were and are an endless supply of conservatives upon which to pin that… in fact all of […]

Trick Mirrors And Smoke Screens .. Third Edition

We have a very degraded sick element in our government at work today to use the tragic shooting in Tucson in a way that would turn the stomachs of every single American who becomes aware of this fact. Following is a chronological order of … things….. In November, 2010 … posted at Hot Air… Obama […]


Tucson Tragedy

The shooting in Tucson on Saturday was a tragedy of unmeasurable degree. However .. to blame it on anyone other than the shooter is another tragedy of another kind.  It is taking the tragedy of individuals whose lives have been changed forever and using it as a tool to bolster another’s thinking.  That is a […]