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{ Monthly Archives } February 2011

Obama Rule

Has a president of the United States ever before stood up and declared a constituional law of the land no longer a law .. or at least no longer a law that the United States Justice Department will uphold? Obama has done just that with his denunciation of the Defense of Marriage Law that President […]

Final Decisions

Where is reason?  Where is common sense? Where is compassion and humanity? A child suffers a seemingly terminal disease.  He is hospitalized and deteriorates. No hope for life is given.  The parents ask to allow the child to come home with them to die. Officials say no. The child must be taken off life support […]

Strength Comes With Truth And Maturity

As the left attempts to make a demagogue out of Governnor Walker of Wisconsin ..  the strength that comes from truth and maturity is demonstrated through him for all to see. Gov. Walker knows he is right. That is where his strength lies and it shows. He was elected for a reason by the majority of […]

A Refreshing Breath Of Air

This is America….. Boehner Unplugged There’s a long, well-appointed hallway in the U.S. Capitol that stretches behind the House chamber called the Speaker’s Lobby. The irony is that the Speaker of the House rarely shows up there. But that changed late Friday night when House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) ambled into the corridor for an […]

Common Sense And Logic

Looking for common senes and logic…. I went shopping yesterday … taking along a credit card and nothing more since I had no cash. The first shop I entered had a terrific buy on something that would have made my life so much easier if I just had it …  so of course I decided […]

Marching Right Along

Today Obama is in Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula…. a beautiful place… campaigning for his nation wide web accessibility. He is marching right along…. wanting to spend and spend and spend till there are no more days to spend in.  It matters not that there is no more money to spend in even one of […]

Stop Already!

Has Obama not heard a word? The country has spoken loudly and clearly and that voice has screamed to him to “stop already!”   Stop the spending! He must be stone deaf to all those who speak anything but what he wants… or he simply suffers from attention deficit disorder in which he is unable […]

Government Motors Flying High

Government Motors seems to be flying high these days. What with a two minute Super Bowl commercial by Chrysler which cost we the taxpayers somewhere around 10 million dollars … give or take a few.. and that is just for the air time , never mind the cost of producing the commercial including Eminem’s fee […]

Obama Chooses

Do you wonder what Obama’s agenda is? Here are two stories that spell one part out very clearly… and it matters not what we the people think … what common sense dictates … what reason demands and certainly not who or what gets hurt in the process. The first story is how he has stopped […]

Obama’s Antics

Egypt is up for grabs …. or seems about to be.  It could go from the hands of an ally … though dictator .. of ours and Israel’s ….  possibly into the hands of extreme muslims … those whose avowed goal is the total destruction of this country .. and I would guess Israel as […]