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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste II

Fist …. Obama has put us into war against Libya with no appropriations from Congress of any kind.  Is that not against our Constitution? Second …. this all follows this administration’s view that a good crisis should never be allowed to be wasted… and it matters not where in the world that crisis may be […]

GOP Meltdown?

Where oh where is the backbone in the Republican House of Representatives in Washington?   They know they were elected for one main reason .. and that was to stop the spending… make the hard cuts… slash the budget… whatever they must do to bring this nation somewhat into the realm of reality where money […]

Bits And Pieces

As Japan roils in its tragedy …    Obama goes golfing.  Guess the pressure was just too much to take. When push comes to shove .. true Americans stand out. They emit common sense … and reason. In Wisconsin … some peoples’ ideas of what it takes to make a hero is more than a […]

Obama Arrogance

At a time of complete and utter catastrophe and tragedy in Japan .. you would think the President of the United States would come across to the Japanese with care and concern… with compassion. What does Obama say? At a news conference Friday, President Obama said he asked Energy Secretary Stephwn Chu to provide any assistance […]


Bits And Pieces

Common sense and reason is sadly lacking more and more from the liberals of this country. Would those on the left protest should someone stand up and say there should be a House hearing on the “radical would be terrorist” George Bush?  Most likely they would stand and cheer and whoop and holler and say […]

The Great Gas Tax

Are you happy with the sharp increase in gas?  Does the conflict in Libya really warrant this increase? Can it be helped? It can… and it is the action …. “drill baby drill”…  that will fix it. Of course .. Obama is in his glory.  This is just where he has been trying to head […]

Freedom Eating Bodyscanners

Have you flown lately? If you have .. have you noticed that the bodyscanner is now the norm going through security?  Going through Detroit Metro to Houston and then Brownsville … not one security check station had the walk through security check open.  Well.. in Detroit .. it was opened only for what appeared to […]

The American Spirit And Obama

The American spirit is more resilient than any on earth … and this has been proven over and over again through history.   We deal with what is put before us … making lemonade out of lemons. We continue to do this and it is being proven once again in this worst of economic and […]

Government Radio?

Even as the left calls for more regulation on the airwaves … pointed of coure at the conservative talk show hosts who speak the truth … public radio is subsidized through the government by taxpayers money and they are always looking for more and more and more… as noted here… Public Broadcasting Should Go Private […]

Impeach Obama?

Is it the duty of the President of our country to uphold the Constitution and the constitutional laws of the land?  Is it the duty of the Justice department is to defend the constitutional laws of the land? Obama along with the Justice department have decided that one of our constituional laws… that concerning marriage… […]