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{ Monthly Archives } April 2011

Boehner Adds To Obama’s Game

Did he do it unwittingly?  Of course.. but he .. Boehner … added to Obama’s game nevertheless … and he should have known better. Speak as it is…. everyone!  Forget the games.  Boehner’s remarks came from him trying to be in the middle… to not make it look like he was on “big oil’s side”. […]

Blueprint To Win

Does someone really want to win the presidency in 2012? Here is a simple blueprint to that end. Alternative energy is in the works and will always be a part of our future … but in the meantime  .. we will responsibly go after all oil shale and open all drilling … we will go […]

Who Will Stop The Games

Who in Washington has the simple sanity of mind to use common sense and act like an adult and stop the games being played at the horrible expense of we the people … like the game Reid insists on playing with the debt ceiling .. while at the same time the GOP appears ready to […]

Bits And Pieces

Disgusted at Obama shutting down the oil fields.. and keeping them shut?Fed up with the high gas prices? Obama recently made a trip to Brazil after giving them billions to drill for their own oil. Now he is giving billions more .. to Columbia.. for their oil refineries. Enjoy your $4 /gallon gas. Unemployed? Get […]

Obama’s Same Empty Promises

Obama has begun his reelection campaign and he has nothing at all new to give .. just the same old empty promises and threats of years past. If we dare to think our government is overspending and should stop … we are pointing this country into becoming a third world country. If we allow our […]

Bits And Pieces

Oh how the wheel turns when things fall on the opposite side of where you want them to fall….  especially with Nancy Pelosi .. who is saying “elections should not matter so much”. Funny how minds change too when it is your turn to want something….  such as and increase in the debt ceiling…   […]

In The Name Of Security?

What would you do if you saw a stranger feeling your child up and down and under and around …. just stand there and watch? That is what Obama expects us to do… as in ths..   TSA still groping our kids…………   The only option we seem to have is to not fly.   […]

Five Dollar Gas?

Are we looking at five dollar gas? There are a few questions Obama needs to answer for all of us as he so glibly tells there is nothing he can do about it … that we should just go buy new cars. Where oh where does he expect the energy source to come from not […]

Huge Let Down

The new “continuing resolution” is a huge let down. The budget deal cut last night was nothing more than that .. a deal … game pieces moved around on a board … and the Republicans lost again big time.. even as they tell us how much they won. It did not speak for the American […]

Obama Determined

Obama is determined to not allow we the people to have a say in how our country is run. This showed again yesterday when he threatened to veto a bill that would allow the government to remain open for one more week  … while at the same time guaranteeing that our troops would be paid […]

Obama And Gas Prices

Read this… Consumers shrug off high gas prices, cool temps.. Are you shrugging off those high pump prices? It is Obama who is shrugging them off. It matters not that it is just those people whom he has promised everything who are hurting the most from these high gas prices … and his response to […]

Some Common Sense, Please

Where is common sense these days?  Is it out there anywhere? Sure it is … and maybe it can even still be found in one who could lead this country with that common sense. The trick is to find it. Found some …. Ryan vows to boost U.S. energy output … cut foreign imports. GOP […]