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{ Monthly Archives } May 2011

Memorial Day 2011

  Fast Tube by Casper     [[[War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence From American Wars]]] Andrew Carroll

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Sarah Palin.. Drawing Attention To The America We Love

The media is confused. Funny. How many times have they admitted that?  They have been confused for a long long time .. but Sarah Palin is the first one to make them admit it. That is hilarious. Hey .. everyone!  What is Palin up to?  What is she doing?  She is spending your donations … […]

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Time To Stop This Train Wreck

It is time to stop this train wreck … this path that Obama has us all on.  It is time to put a screeching halt to it … don’t you think? How can we do that? It seems Obama et al are just doing what they please and getting away with it wihout so much […]

Bits And Pieces

Must be careful … very careful… “big brother” is watching more closely than ever … or will be soon according to this..   “White House adds new position to deal with unfavorable online media” . Our midwest Americans are battling for their lives against the worst tornadoes in years and what we read from Obama […]

March Of Tyranny?

If you don’t think this country and our freedoms are in trouble yet… take note. This step is huge … and scarier than any other yet .. a real huge step toward tyranny. Indiana court rules police can enter any home with no warrant, no permission, no nothing. This country is in big big trouble. […]

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And So It Begins…But Who Will Give Us Our Own Oil?

And so it begins… the mad  race to November 2012… with Newt Gingrich making it official and Mitt Romney making it official. If either one of them .. or any one else out there who seriously wants to win .. would make opening all oil sources in the United States his or hers first priority […]

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Lies, Mockery and Belittling

Lies … mockery .. belittling. The man sitting in our Oval Office is an embarrassment to this whole country. The President of this great country of ours is supposed to stand for every American … every single one. The only Americans Obama aligns next to him are those who agree with him. All others are […]

Bits And Pieces

Trains.  Bin Laden wanted to blow up trains. Is that a fact we can believe in or is that just a new fear released as a precursor to train depot scanners? Just a thought … as there is so much in the mainstream media that seems to be shaky reporting .. such as the fact […]

Media And Its Loss of Dignity

Never before has our main media shown such a loss of dignity as it has since the death of bin Laden. The wrangling over who did and said and shot and photographed what is a media circus … and to top it off … the media … in trying to make President George W. Bush […]

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The Eagle Flies

As the pack howls … the Eagle flies. Let those who will howl.. howl.  Let those who will berate.. berate.  Let those who will take credit even if credit isn’t due .. let them take that credit.  Let those who know all the answers keep giving all the answers. Let those who doubt .. doubt. […]

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