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{ Monthly Archives } June 2011

The Madding Game

Watch this …. … the flooding in Minot, North Dakota. .. then see what our First Lady is seeing… …  in Africa .. on vacation with her two daughters? Guess their hearts are in Africa. What about we the people … who happen to be the ones paying for that trip they are on? How […]

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The Clueless Obama?

It is amazing how Obama can ignore reality. Is he really clueless to what is going on in this country? Of course not.  He just believes there are still enough of we the people who are clueless as to what is going on at his hand … and that he can still fool enough of […]

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Lessons To Learn

The United States.. our great country … is in deep trouble and getting in deeper by the day. We as citizens know it and feel it and live it. Five dollar gas, unemplyment above 9%, very very few jobs to be found anywhere, and if you by chance are lucky enough to find work […]


Bits And Pieces

Funny .. isn’t it … how some people grow into their names?  Enough said on that. …. just mind rambling a bit here…………….. Obama obviously puts the voice of the U.N. above our Constitution … otherwise there is no way he would be in Libya.  Enough said on that. Obama obviously puts himself above everyone.. […]

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The Palin Email Madness

It is an unbelievable scene. Thousands of emails boxed in crates .. reporters flailing each other to reach them … media asking for help from the public to study them and report on them. It is madness.. true real madness at its fullest. I saw the call for help in going through those emails so […]

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C’mon GOP..No More Short Term Anything!

The GOP leaders in the House are now mulling about raising the debt ceiling on another short term basis? What are they thinking? Where oh where has common sense gone? We had an election last November and the results of that election spoke loudly and clearly  about what we the people want. We want an […]

Government Motors Joins The Fight

Don’t we have enough with Obama et all pushing against us and our freedoms? Isn’t it bad enough that we have Obama and Gore et al shoving global warming and energy conservation and all down our throats .. to have their way in telling us how to live? Isn’t it bad enough to have Obama […]

America And The TSA

People.. stand up and speak out. This is our country they are taking away from us … bit by bit by bit .. and this shows exactly how far and how horrible it has become. Fast Tube by Casper Filming in a public area is not illegal. Noncompliance? Law against filming? What about a law […]

Obama And Gun Control

Should you wonder if Obama wants to control guns … well… you don’t have to wonder.  You know he wants to. Fast Tube by Casper What better way to get your case to the American people than to make them believe that the guns being used by the drug cartels in Mexico are coming from […]

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