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{ Monthly Archives } July 2011

Obama No Leader..Just A Would Be Ruler

Obama never has been .. never will be .. never wanted to be … a leader. All he chooses to be is a full time ruler. Obama’s rule:    he demands … you must follow… and ‘do it now!’ What he has done to this country is reprehensible … It took two hundred twelve years […]

Trust Not

Speaker Boehner should know enough to trust not anyone on the Democrat side of the debt debate. He knows his bill as written will not pass the Senate.  He knows it will be rewritten to become the Democrats’ bill…. thus giving Obama all that he is demanding in any way he can demand it … […]

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Al Franken The Ugly

Who can give the correct answer to the following question? What would the response in the media have been had a Republican done what Al Franken did on the Senate floor?                       Does any of this sound hauntingly familiar to when the stimulus just had […]

The Great Surrender

Speaker Boehner has a plan. Is this the great surrender? If this plan goes through to the desk of Obama .. it certainly is. The Republicans in the House need to dig that line in rock as deep as they can and hold it.  It is called standing up for your convictions .. no matter […]

Obama Speaks

Obama speaks once more.. and he has the nerve to tell us .. concerning the Republicans goal to not raise any new taes in dealing with the budget … that “this is no way to run the greatest country on earth.” This … after he has done his best to destroy the greatest healthcare system […]

Bits And Pieces

Could Obama really be hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood?  You decide. Hillary Clinton is absolutely deluded if she thinks she or anyone can talk the Muslim Brotherhood out of their beliefs.  Not having her eyes open to reality spells danger in all ways to our country. It’s interesting how the administration insists that […]

Big Sis Demands Fear

The only thing to fear is fear itself. Those words are well known to us all. Now here we have Big Sis demanding fear from every single American citizen… fear especially of our very neighbors and those we live closest to and interact most often with. White middle class most likely terrorists… It is through […]

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Good News! Has Anyone Heard?

Has any national news agency anywhere reported this great event? “Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton sent a letter Thursday to House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, saying he ‘reluctantly’ agrees to accept the Republican budget proposal from June 30 if it will end the government shutdown. Dayton said accepting the offer would […]


Obama’s Bluff

Obama has said that should his ability to spend and spend and spend some more not be extended to him .. in other words .. if the debt ceiling is not raised … he cannot promise that the August Social Security checks will go out. He then told Rep. Eric Cantor .. House majority leader […]

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Just Do The Right Thing Even If It Means Eating Those Peas

Stop the spending! Do the right thing… you conservatives in Washington who hold the future path for this great country of ours. Do not give in to Obama’s foot stomping words .. his finger pointing .. his attempt to turn this debt ceiling thing around to make it appear as though he is the one […]

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The Kid In The White House

Obama stamps his feet via words and points his finger and speaks of those who won’t give him what he demands as though they are a bunch of ogres who don’t belong on this earth. A two year old does the same thing when he wants his candy and is told no. What we have […]

Demanding It All

This report is very very confusing. ‘ Marchers protest Georgia immigration law. Yes… the illegal immigrants are expected to be angry at it .. after all… they have to lie to stay here or to work… or not get hired or maybe get deported… but the idea that they think they have the right to […]

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