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{ Monthly Archives } August 2011

Drama Club

If you live on the ocean .. you know there are risks involved .. one of them being the possiblity of hurricanes … and perhaps some rough hurricanes. This weekend there is a hurricane riding up the east coast. If you do not live on the coast .. perhaps the possible drama of it all […]


When Government Loses Its Marbles

When governnent loses its marbles… full fledged insanity reigns. Such is the case today .. and following is one more bit of proof of that……   Fast Tube by Casper   … read more here…. Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians In Fear..

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Obama – Above It All

We read about and listen to accounts of the Obama vacation and it may seem more than a bit extravagant and wasteful .. especially in these times with the reality as it is…. a horrible economy… especially considering it is our dollars that are paying for all this extravagance, We can scream and holler and […]

Qaddafi Rule To Sharia Law?

As the confusion goes on in Libya … as Obama stands up to take praise for the ‘liberation’ of Libya … what is really happening there? It had been reported … as it had been when Egypt was fighting for its ‘liberation’.. that a substantial portion of the backers of these revolutions were made up […]

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Green Energy and Birds

How many pictures have we seen in the news of oil covered pelicans or other birds or other wildlife  from oil spills? How much money has been paid in fines due to this? How many pictures have you seen of birds killed by windmills … including the majestic Golden Eagle? None .. of course … […]


The Ruler

Obama the ruler has spoken. Congress has not agreed to pass his DREAM act .. which in essence would provide amnesty to most all illegal immigrants in this country. Well…. Obama decided there is more than one way to “skin the cat”. Just do it. He has just done it … thereby stomping on the […]


The Fun Has Begun

With Governor Perry in the race for the Republican nomination … the fun has finally begun. Of coure .. the left will do their best to bring him down … but the feeling seems to be that the harder they try .. the stronger Perry will stand. There is just that feeling of strength and […]


Tattle! Become that tattle tale you were always taught not to be! Tattle to Janet .. to Obama!  Tattle to someone in this government! That is Janet Neopolitano’s continuing cry. It is the same old cry of fear that she wants to instill in each of us …. for once she has … Obama et al […]

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Obama Quote Of A Lifetime

“Don’t always believe what you hear.”                                                                                                   […]


The Obama Trail

We are all quite familiar with the Obama trail… …  Obama Motors …  Obamacare … Obama mortgages … Obama NASA … Obama oil … Obama coal … Obama light bulbs … Obama student loans … Obama school food … Obama restaurant menus  … Obama cars … Obama airplane building … Obama business … Obama trucking … […]


The Ultimate Transparency

It is the arrogance of this administration that grates so horribly on the nerves.  It causes a sharp stinging prickle to run up and down everywhere every time it is encountered.. and that happens at least once a day now. Today it is the arrogance of Obama using the return of the Navy Seals and […]

Bits And Pieces

The heartbreak of the loss in Afghanistan is wordless … something you cannot fully relate to unless you have been in those shoes. Our hearts go out to all those families who are greiving so horribly at this time. A single horrible fact of this whole affair is how Joe Biden revealed something that should […]