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{ Monthly Archives } September 2011

Oh The Buffoonery Of It All

It is becoming a chore and a comedy at the same time to read of the antics of this administration… especially those antics that are set up for one purpose and one purpose only .. to fool the people in order to win a vote. Such is the proposed antic on the part of Bill […]

Ignorance Breeds Destruction

Ignorance breeds destruction. Following is an education.   Fast Tube by Casper

A Voice From The Past And A Voice Today

A voice from theannals of history ….   Fast Tube by Casper   A voice today… Fast Tube by Casper    

Sad Day Indeed

Freedom Radio quietly shuts down …. and as Hot Air titles it….   Sadness;Freedom Radio goes off the air.   What a solace that great little airwave had to have been to so many. Surely it will be greatly missed. Brings a tear without ever having been near………..      


Simply Spoken Truth

Fast Tube by Casper   “Over the past week, President Obama has been traveling around the country trying to set a record for the number of times he can say the words ‘pass this bill right away’ in a single five-minute speech. “And today, he’ll bring his act to a 50-year-old bridge that connects my […]


A wonderfully historic group photo of members of the  Open Government Partnership …..Obama at his finest.  Smile..everyoe!      

Redistribution of Wealth Well Underway

With Obama’s plans to hike the tax  structure on the rich .. there are some facts all should be aware of… the first being that his plan to redistribute your wealth is well under way. First.. only about 50% of all Americans pay taxes. Some who don’t pay taxes get huge… HUGE .. amounts of […]

Carville Speaks Out

James Carville came out swinging yesterday …. and he was swinging at all the wrong things. There is only one thing to swing at .. and that is Obama. It is not the people he has hired .. or their actions. It is Obama who has hired them all and they are all doing what […]

Ford Says It All As You Happily Pay For iPads For Students

  Fast Tube by Casper In the Calumet, Michigan school district … all students from fourth grade up have been given iPads even as the students in other districts are given mile long lists of supplies to be purchased by their parents and brought to the school… down to pencils and tissues.  Who is paying […]

Attack Watch!

Beware .. America! We are under attack. Here is a commercial that proves it…. backed by Obama ….. Obama for America no less….. … shades of the past … the not too distant past at that… for there are those alive today who lived to remember Hitler’s actions … while a  present day study reveals […]

The Ruler Speaks

Once more .. the ruler speaks to the people.. and this time it is no different than any other time. He demands his way be done … and done now.  You .. or no one else … needs to know the details .. because it matters not.  He knows what we need. No one else […]

Deja Vu

“Pass this bill immediately!”   I haven’t finished it yet … but pass it immediately!  You can find out what is in it after you vote for it. The self imagined ruler has spoken. Deja vu. Obama is a joke .. and if any Republicans compromise with him on any of this bill … they […]