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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Bits And Pieces

The potato wins! What a shame that something such as this celebrating our troops  does not make national headlines. Instead .. the malcontents of occupy whatever are somehow being treated as some kind of heroes … those who value their freedom not one whit .. and fully walk over all others freedoms. Tennessee becomes the first […]

Lessons Learned At A Fizzling Revolution

Lessons are being learned at the revolution… or at least they should be. Who knows with this crowd .. though. They somehow seem to be learning disabled. The biggest lesson they should have learned is that their demand of redistribution of wealth .. in their demands of paid college tuition and forgiven tuition loans  .. […]

The Greedy

Just who are the greedy as portrayed by the OWS mob? They … of course. Just think about it.  Why are they there? They want more and more and more…. not only want .. but are demanding it… from having their tuition paid to getting bigger and better jobs paying more and more money … […]

An Impressive Rick Perry

In the face of an adverse interveiwer … Rick Perry stands up strong and calm and sensible as no other candidate so far. Confidence.  A strong self knowledge of who he is and what he knows and what he can do … what America needs .. what we want ..  no animosity toward anyone. A […]

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Because We Must Laugh

Laughter .. the best medicine? Here is your medicine for today… Fast Tube by Casper .. and how great it is to know our government is paying with our money for such wisdom to be accumulated by such gifted students and then assimilated into our society.  Of course… we did have Woodstock …. so … […]

Every American Needs To Read This

Every single American who did not hear Rush Limbaugh today  needs to read what he had to say.. and you can do that here. Everything follows the path Obama has taken… the Alinsky rules for revolution…. split and divide.. frustrate.. then bribe or do whatever it takes to split some more .. frustrate some more…. […]

Let Us Celebrate the OWS Gang With A Remy Song

Let us all sing together now! a.. one and a .. .two … and a three…. GO!   Fast Tube by Casper   Lyrics to the “Occupy Wall Street Protest Song” Come gather round people come and join your hands we’re taking Wall Street and we’re making demands and we’re heeding the call and we’re […]

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The Not Me I Did Not Do It Administration

The denials are fast and furious … more fast and more furious as the days go on. Not ME.  I did not do it …  a short list………   Eric Holder… NOT ME!                             gun running Obama …        NOT ME!  […]

Obama The Blind

How can anyone be as blind as Obama? As the country falters deeper and deeper into recession … Obama absolutely refuses to look at himself and find any reasons there for this dilemma. It is the fault of Congress, of Bush, of we the people who have become too soft, of the banks and Wall […]

Bits And Pieces

Steve Jobs… 1955-2011 A note to those idiots holding fort against Wall Street .. rather than working to make their lives worth something. Have you used your iPod today.. your iPhone… your iPad?  Steve Jobs produced.  He used capitalism to give us technology for our use as none other of us would have ever imagined was […]

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Is There Any Sanity Left?

Is there any sanity left in Washington? Is there anyone who has the guts to just say NO?  Of course we need more than just one to have the guts to say that … don’t we? I don’t pretend to know how Washington works.. these days it seems it just doesn’t … but certainly with […]


Obama Wants To Regulate Religious Hiring

Obama has made his first step into his attempt to regulate religion in this country. He has told his lawyers to ask the Supreme Court this week to eliminate a long-standing precedent that protects religious organizations from government regulations. It is a bid by Obama to regulate religious hiring .. in other words .. part […]