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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We all have much to be thankful for … no matter what is going on in Washington. In addition …. we can all be thankful there are people like Bill Looman of Georgia around. We all need to stake our convictions to the ground … firmly … and be determined not to move no matter […]


The Obama March

The Obama march gets more and more high stepped with time … as he becomes more and more removed from reality in that same time… and..   the hits keep right on coming   .. as Air Force bounces US manufacturer for Brailian competitor … a competitor who is being probed for corruption and Obama still […]


Obama And Our Troops And His Arrogance

Troops are being removed from Iraq.  Will they be pulled from Afghanistan? In the meantime… troops have now been sent to Uganda which is not a threat of any kind to our country .. and the mission from Washington is to stay there till the Ugandan leader is killed or captured. Why? Now Obama is […]

Veteran’s Day .. 2011

We celebrate our freedom for one reason and one reason alone … because of those who have been willing to put their lives on the line so we are able to celebrate it.   Fast Tube by Casper Thank you all. … and as they fight for our freedom on far off shores … our […]


The Big Sellout?

The Republicans were voted into office last November with the mandate of the people to curb … stop.. rampamt government spending. Now we come to this in the House … House GOP likely to offer balanced budget amendment with no spending cap.. no super majority to raise taxes. What in the world happens to those […]


Freedom On The Brink

For those of you who do not believe our freedom in on the brink of full etinction … I give you this….. Obama takes over GM and Chrysler  Obama controls banks Obama takes over student loans from banks Obama takes over healthcare  Obama stymies oil drilling in US  Obama “kills” Appalachian coal mining  Border agent […]