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{ Monthly Archives } March 2012

Obama Administration Changes Not At All

What a differnce a week makes … indeed …but that dfference is not in this administration’s tactics or its lack of integrity. In reality .. there is really no differnce at all.  It is election time and this administration continues to say and do whatever it must to fool the people .. as seen so […]

Obamanation Takes Shape

As Obama continues to weaken out military in every way .. and gives our local police forces drones and military assault weapons.. just as he said he wanted to do… to form a national security force larger and more well funded than our military ..  as he forces the coming closing of coal powered power […]

The Vetting Of Obama

This is worthy of posting everywhere… the beginning of the vetting of Barack Obama which should have been done long before the election was held that put him into our Oval Office. The Vetting, Part I: Obama’s Love Song To Alinsky We can only imagine what would have been done with such info as this […]