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{ Monthly Archives } July 2012

One of Our Great Leaders … Needed Inspiration


Scott Brown Ad And Other Things….

This Scott Brown ad says it all. Fast Tube by Casper Let America be beautiful again. Make your vote count. Is Penn State being punished in a ridiculous after-the-fact manner that only hurts more innocent people? Think about it. The person who committed the awful tragedy in Aurora is of course a sick man. No one […]

Uncommon Knowledge

From the pages of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson comes this wisdom …. through the mouth of  Rick Perry … governor of Texas…. “You keep the taxes as low as you can on those job creators. You have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable and a legal system that does not allow for […]

Social Security A Government Benefit?

Have you noticed, your Social Security check is now referred to as a “federal benefit payment”? Our government gets away with way too much in all areas of our lives, while they live lavishly on their grossly overpaid incomes. Not only did you contribute to Social Security but youremployer did too. It totaled 15% of your income before […]


The Madness Of It All

A photo ID is required to get on an airplane, to cash a check, to drive a car, to enter college, to open a back account …. etc etc etc … yet it is against our rights to have one required to vote? Attorney General Eric Holder is going to “aggressively” fight he state of […]

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Let Every State Follow Suit … Plus

What would happen if every state followed the example of Texas? Perry: Texas Won’t Implement Obamacare How do you feel about our President embracing the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt by inviting the new Egyptian leader to the White House? Are we going to all be intimidated into silence for voicing beliefs that differ with […]

Strong Reason To Vote Against Liberalism

Need a reason to vote against liberalism … for conservatism? This is a great one …. unemployment drops in every state in which a republican governor was elected in 2010. Nothing more need be said … other than maybe a look at how ironic it is that Obama should still be touting “tax cuts for […]


Coffee Can Or Mattress?

ON JANUARY 1, 2013 , THE US GOVERNMENT WILL BE REQUIRING EVERYONE TO HAVE DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR SS CHECKS. WONDER WHY? Subject: HR 4646 Be sure to read entire explanation Watch for this AFTER November elections; remember this BEFORE you VOTE, in case you think Obama is looking out for your best interest. A 1% […]