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{ Monthly Archives } November 2012

All Who Voted For Obama … You Own It Now

… the following is the voice of fed up Americans … those in fear of losing their country as they have always known it .. the greatest country on earth…. along with every last freedom that that has been so heavily won for us… Congratulations to the Democrats and Young People! You now own it […]


The Resiliency Of Americans

When we are down and out … what do we do?  Just sit and die? Of course not. The resiliency of the American spirit is unmatched worldwide.  The innovativeness of Americans .. the independence … cannot be measured. So…. with that being said… no matter what Congress may or may not do about Obamacare or […]


Obama’s Purge Of The Top Generals

…. or … more encompassing … Obama’s purge. Update: And the beat down of the truth goes on… and on… and on…through blatant lies.. under Obama rule. Update: Even as Obama does his “attack” work .. he dares to admonish  (or should that be threaten?) those who would dare to demand the truth of Benghazi. […]

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Obama Fall Guys

Update:  The truth comes out… as it always does… and lo and behold… General Petraeus was just compiling his report on his personal investigation of the Benghazi attack.   To think they made a mess of  so many many lives just to cover Obama’s incompetence. Unbelievable. Wonder what it took to “persuade” General Petraeus to […]

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Obama’s Sandy

“We are with you… will never let you down…..we are here to help..” … or words similar to these … came out of Obama’s mouth to the victims of Sandy.  He even walked arm in arm with Christie … made a grand appearance. Wow. It is cold and dark and dreary… and nothing is changing. […]


Ignorance Wins As The Whole World Loses

Today is a sad day for America. Ignorance won in an election that will once again affect the whole world. We … America … has and always will be the last great hope for this world as far as freedom goes. Once that is lost here … what is left? We lost a large part […]

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A Love Story In Twenty Two Pictures

  All photos copyright Tim Dodd photography. Used with permission. Source:  /  via: LINK:Donate to help Taylor LINK:Taylor’s Facebook LINK:Follow more of Taylor’s story here. Thanks to Buzz Feed.


Romney Correct…Free Market Better Than Government

In the wake of the natural disaster on the east coast … the declaration has been made that Mitt Romney would have poor people starve in disasters rather than have the government step in and help … or something to that effect. There are those who believe the government is the only entity that can […]

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