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{ Monthly Archives } February 2013

Washingtonians Fly High As They Cry “FEAR FEAR FEAR”

Even as so many in Washington are crying ‘there is no money….no money … no money …. we need more  more more…’ … many of those same voices are flying high on the money of you .. the taxpayer.. with no thought of stopping. Las Vegas style conferences .. millions and millions of dollars Holder’s […]

Extortion Blackmail Or Spoiled Child?

As Obama faces a loss to his demand for more money come Friday … is he using extortion tactics or blackmail to try to force the Republicas to cave? As he goes around the country telling people constituents need to tell their elected officials what to do because they cannot do it themselves … is […]

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Oh The Sweet Irony Of It All!

As we who are of some soumd mind breathlessly wait to see if our Speaker of the House Boehner once again caves in the battle for the senses in Washington D.C. … which involves us all … the sweet irony of it all just must be noted. The real reason Obama et al are campaigning […]

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The Tea Party Attacks Again!

Are you really fed up with what the government does with your hard earned dollars? Are you done with being patient while Obama whines about not having enough of them? Read what is going on in Colorado and it just might make an activist out of you. This envolves what is called the National Renewable Energy […]

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The Attempt To Wipe Out Jesus

The all out war on Christianity began a long time ago on the side of those who are ruled by the force that has fought Jesus from day one … that angel banished from heaven by God… It is becoming more and more evident today … in a bold and outspoken way that would attempt […]

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Senators Could Learn Much From Texan Ted Cruz

When someone causes the hairs on the back of Nancy Pelosi’s neck to stand up … pay attention to that someone causing it. Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas can teach all of our Republican senators … and all those elected to office everywhere .. how to stand up for the values of this great […]

Misstatement Of The Union

Would it help  if everyone read this? Rush Limbaugh says it all …. clearly? Very clearly … if you are tuned in to reality.