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{ Monthly Archives } June 2013

Oh Yes … The Most Transparent EVER

Courtesy of the House Oversight Committee through Hot Air….     Enough said.    


Government Student Loans, Marriage, Africa, Immigration, IRS, General Cartwright …….

The outrageousness in Washington is unending and should not be surprising to any single one of us. It was all foreseen and foretold in Obama’s first campaign. The takeover of student loans was foretold and the end result is not unexpected. All done by this administration is done for control over all money and all […]

Once More … The True Terrorists

We are the true terrorists … we being those who believe in Christianity … are believers that homosesxual behavior is wrong … we who will not compromise our beliefs yet would hurt no one for theirs … we who would never try to force our beliefs onto any one else … we are the true […]

Illegal Amnesty Next Civil Rights Movement … And The Cost Of Global Warming

[FACEBOOKBUTTON][/FACEBOOKBUTTON] Should the Republicans DARE to stop the illegal immigration amnesty bill …. Sen. Charles Schumer (NY)  … as he threatened ” there would be massive demonstrations in Washington if House Republicans try to block a bill to grant legal status to millions of immigrants”….. stated… “This has the potential of becoming the next major civil […]

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The True Terrorists Are Us … So Says Obama?

[FACEBOOKBUTTON][/FACEBOOKBUTTON] “We may strike blows against terrorist networks, but if we ignore the instability and intolerance that fuels extremism, our own freedom will eventually be endangered.” Are these the words that underline and define Obama’s whole objective as the “leader” of this country? He has told us we are not to use the word terrorists […]


Obama Meaning Of Transparent And Another Oversight Board

  Obama quite clearly has a meaning for transparent that is the exact opposite what most of us have always thought. Raise your hand if you always thought it meant quite clearly seen. This Fox News report just may prove you wrong……. President Barack Obama defended top secret National Security Agency spying programs as legal […]


The Madness Multiplies

  Arizona has no  right to add to the federal “motor voter” registration form  … by asking prospective voters to present proof of citizenship at the time of registration… so says the Supreme Court as they declared the Arizona law requiring voter registrants to present proof of citizenship to be illegal. However…. “While the court […]


What Does An Obama Do When The Waters Get Thick Around Him? Start A War.

My oh my… the tactics these children take… and using that analogy is an insult to children.. but it is nothing new with our wise and powerful liberal leaders. When trouble brews and the natives get restless…. …. start a war! Simple. Here we go again. War drums drown out scandals..…  Chris Stirewalt … Fox […]


Is This Fetus Really Really A Baby? Inhumanity At Its Worst….

Is this tolerated by the average American today?     Hot Air…


Obama Vacation Compared To Yours

It isn’t easy to plan any vacation with gas over $4/gal for most Americans. Not for Obama and his family… they plan to take a trip to Africa which will cost you the taxpayers $100 million … yes … MILLION. Obama’s overseas travels come as government agencies, including the Secret Service, are wrestling with mandatory, […]


Where Oh Where Has Our Leader Gone?

Our leader is rather invisible these days it seems. The scandals rage on …. but our leader is removed from it all .. and is off  “campaigning”… fund raising … and for what? To make sure his power is never ever usurped? It is a sad new time in America. Campaign on … Obama … […]


Another Truth Telling Obama Moment

    Late last night … an announcement was made that Obama has “given up” the fight to keep the morning after pill out of the hands of young girls. It will now be available to anyone with no proof of age or a prescription. How many times have we heard Obama has done this […]

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