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{ Monthly Archives } July 2013

Obama And The Patriot Act

Remember how the Democrats decried the Patriot Act? They even demanded that Obama “undo” it … or at least made him promise that he would when he was campaigning for the presidency… did they not? Oh the broken promises that were never ever meant to be kept from before they were even made. Obama has […]

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A Voice Of Reason … Bill O’Reilly

President Obama and all black leaders in this great country of ours…. you must listen to the video linked to below. It is a voice of reason speaking the harsh truth that none of you really want to hear … much less face. This is straight talk from a level headed person who is not […]


Events Every American Should Be Aware Of

There is something going on in this country that is not American in the least. Every single American should be aware of the events you can read about here … thanks to Bart Hinkle at the timesdispatch.comĀ  Commit any felonies lately? Have YOU committed any felonies lately? YOU may not think so …. but … […]

Freedom Lost On July 4, 2013

Homeland Security continues to take things into its own hands… and it is not good. Today…. July 4, 2014, the day we should be celebrating the Independence of the United States of America … the Department of Homeland Security is conducting a national “drill” with “troops” in full armed riot gear as well as in […]

Happy Independence Day!

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Russia To Provide Security At Mass Events In United States

FEMA has signed a deal with Russia to provide Russian troops as security at mass events in the United States. Russian troops flaunt power… Boston Globe Not only is this illegal by way of the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits any federal troops from being deployed to any state by military order or federal legislation […]

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The Obama Arrogance Revisited

We have all seen the arrogance of the Obama’s flaunted in our faces in one way after another … from his insistence we the people all cut oil usage as he keeps the White House at 64 degrees or something as outrageous as that … to her telling our children they must eat spinach only […]

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Now We Will Back “Solyndra” In Africa?

Obama isn’t done using our money to throw at those enamored of the big money in the green energy field. He plans to throw billions of it to Africa. This of course is after telling the people in Africa that they cannot have cars, big homes and air conditioning without the world boiling over …. […]

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