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{ Monthly Archives } October 2013

President Obama’s National Security Force In Training?

Remember when Obama made it very clear that we need a national security force as just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as our military?   Fast Tube by Casper Do you think he gave up on that idea? Do you think he has steadily been making preparations for his national security […]

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The Truth About Obamacare Becomes Painfully Clear

UPDATE: President Obama lies to cover his lie.… and the old saying… “…oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive …..” becomes once again painfully clear… as it has in so many words of Obama. Of course .. you can always blame the insurance companies too… after all.. someone needs […]


Obama’s Military Purge

UPDATE: And the purge goes on… UPDATE:  Top generals: Obama is ‘purging the military”   This strange chain of firings from the Military is so bizarre and so unheard of that even Dianne Sawyer of ABC news reached out to cover it when the 9th, yes 9th, Military Commanding Officer was relieved of duty in […]

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The Real Threat To Democracy

Fast Tube by Casper As Jay Sekulow .. the Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice … put it … “A president singling out citizens groups for targeting and intrusive questioning merely because he dislikes their message and fears their political influence..” “That is a threat to democracy.” This is just what President […]

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The Woes Of Staying Healthy

Obamacare is the magic fix that will get everyone on the fast track to staying healthy … allowing those who run to the emergency room for every sniffle to keep doing that with no worries still of cost and leaving hospitals responsible to answering why those people keep returning  … giving those who have pre-existing […]


One Step Closer To Dictatorship?

Our hapless leaders………   As Speaker of the House John Boehner gave up the ship along with his fellow Republicans in the House … our great country fell one step closer to dictatorship under Obama.… and oh what a dictatorship that is indeed. Obama demanded … stuck with his “I will not negotiate” stance and […]

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The Veterans Stand For Us Once Again

Million Vet march on Washington D.C.  … A World War ll Vet finds it overwhelming … as he visits the National Mall for the first time… Sarah Palin and Rep. Mike Lee in Washington… Those same people who stood with courage for us in the Armed Forces .. our Veterans … have done it again. […]

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Obama And The Fear Game

Fill the people with fear … then offer them sweet relief if only they will do this. What a cheap and despicable tactic to use … by people voted into office by those who believed and trusted their promises. President Obama has belied every substantive promised word he has spoken and for his administration to […]

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Republicans About To Cave AGAIN?

  When oh when will someone stand up for we the people in Washington? Are the House Republicans about to cave again? As you can read in this Breitbart article … the Republicans have everything going for them right now. The Republicans will get blamed for everything no matter what … they always will…. but […]

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One Poll VS Another

What do polls mean? Not much. On one hand …we have polls that show many many people have no idea what party President Obama represents .. and we laugh at that poll.  On the other hand we have a poll saying 60% of the people say throw Congress out … and somehow we take that […]

Obama Spends Millions Of Our Money On His Ads

What right does President Obama have to spend millions and millions of dollars of our money on his and his wife’s ads? White House to spend another $12 million promoting Obamacare Here are the Let’s Move ads. It is different when we have the White House using our money to push their agenda down the […]

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C’mon Americans! Time To Take Our Country Back?

This is madness multiplied to the infinity…. People staring at phones… instead of using them .… risk of thousands if they do? We own this country … not Obama et al.  For them to think they can stop this country .. shut it down… just because they can’t have their way .. is total insanity. […]