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{ Monthly Archives } December 2013

Celebrating Christmas Without Christ

It just makes absolutely no sense of course … to celebrate Christmas without having Christ in it.  After all … it is His birthday we are celebrating. Seems like quite a bit more than being sacrilegious to shut people up simply because they wish to use the word Christmas in relation to Christmas. Seems a […]

The Insanity Dance Goes On

The Advocate… the top gay magazine … named the Pope as its person of the year. The Pope believes in the reality of sin … such as the act of homosexuality. The A&E TV channel fired the head of the Duck Dynasty show because he professed the same beliefs as the Pope … with all […]

Life Is Directly Affected By Obamacare

For anyone who is saying Obamacare is the greatest thing to come along since life itself …. there is something you really should become aware of. Life is being affected by Obamacare …. and not in a good way. A young man with a very honed skill in dentistry …. creating the crowns and teeth […]


A Tale Of Two Bankruptcies And Other Mysterious Doings

In Detroit there is a real conundrum these days that no one even mentions. The city is facing bankruptcy and this procedure of filing for bankruptcy has been going on for many months … having filed on July 18, 2013.  The final decision of whether the bankruptcy will go forward or not will be made […]