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{ Monthly Archives } February 2014

Conservative Policy For We The People

The conservatives do have a plan and a policy for the best of we the people of these great United States of Amereica. Read of it here…. Then get together with all of your friends and relatives and anyone else you may know or use any way you can to reach out to people with […]

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Obama And His Rogue Administration

President Obama is heading a rogue administration … one which truly believes it is not only their right … but their duty .. to undo and run rough shod over any and every law that we the people have enacted that they do not agree with. At least that is how this whole scenario of […]

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This is America?

            Young jogger stopped and arrested by police for refusing to identify herself ??? Jogger taken into custody for refusing to give her name to police. Is this the “fundamental change” Obama has been striving for … when saying he would “fundmentally change ” this country? We should all be […]


Who Will Say NO And When?

  As the constitutional rights to free speech are again being threatened in our media by the Obama administration … by appointing a daughter of powerful Democrat James Clyburn to head program to send government contractors into newsrooms to “review” what is being reported on and how or why or for who knows what other […]

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Is This What DHS Is Preparing For Here In The US?

Utter chaos and murder in Kiev …. is this what our Homeland Security Department is preparing for here in the United States … should the day come that we the people dare to stand up for our freedom? Ukarainien protestors battle police after dozens die in bloodiest day of uprising. The DHS has been stockpiling […]

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Law Enforcement Trained Second Amendment Advocates Are The Enemy?

If this is true … that law enforcement anywhere in these great states of ours are being trained that second amendment advocates are the “terrorist enemy” … we are at a very scary crossroads for our freedom here for sure. It apparently is true in Ohio.             Ohio National Guard […]

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Freedom Not A Buzzword Jay Carney

Jay Carney stated in his press briefing on Tuesday, February 5, that freedom is a buzzword. Freedom is a word that represents thousands of American lives lost so that we can live a life of liberty and opportunity that no other country on earth has ever known. The administration that Carney speaks for obviously has […]

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