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{ Monthly Archives } March 2014

The Poll Numbers of President Obama

Obama’s poll numbers are amazing! If President Obama was a Republican …. his poll numbers would be splashed across the headlines of every newspaper in the country … perhaps in the world. He now has almost record breaking low poll numbers … but do you read about it anywhere in any of the mainstream newspapers […]


You Too Can Be Free Of Obamacare Mandate

Now there is a simple way for each and every one of us to be free of the Obamacare mandate.  It just is not being publicized very heavily or visibly. Go to the following link …. read all about it. Obamacare’s secret mandate exemption. Interesting indeed. Go for it … people! Here is the actual […]

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Please Forward To President Obama

Will you make sure President Obama receives this immediately? Forward it to him ASAP. How Obama could stop Putin’s Ukrain power grab without firing a shot. by K.T. McFarland Author’s note: President Obama had a 90-minute phone call with President Putin Saturday after troops entered Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. No official transcript was released. Here’s my take on what […]

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Spot On Synopsis Of President Obama’s Foreign Policy Results

UPDATE: President Obama DID NOT ATTEND his national security team’s meeting today on Ukraine. Please make sure President Obama gets the following column forwarded directly to him … perhaps it will jolt him into action. Doubtful … but without hope what is there? … America is not leading from behind … it is getting left […]

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