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{ Monthly Archives } July 2014

Obama vs Reagan .. A Study In Contrasts

Two airplanes shot down …. two presidents responding to those tragedies.  

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Tax Dollars To Pay For Luxurious Illegal Immigrant Housing

  UPDATE:  We the people are heard!  Let’s continue to keep our voices loud!    Fed backed group decides to drop plans to buy fancy hotel to house illegals. If this does not open your eyes to this administrations’s ineptness and unfairness to we the people … what can? This administration is giving millions of your […]

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Mexico, Guatemala and Greece Make U.S. Immigration Policy

Looks like these countries … Mexico, Guatemala and Greece … have more say in who can enter the United States than we the people do … and certainly someone somewhere in this Obama administration had to agree with the stipulations Mexico came up with in assisting the people of Central America in their fourney to […]

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What Is Wrong With This Picture?

These are the people our government is protecting. You tell me what is wrong with this picture…. members of La Raza in Murietta, California to counteract those who are standing up against the flow of illegals being sent into their town.                   See more here…….   What […]

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Happy Independence Day!

“Home” West, on a plane bound west I see her stretching out below Land, blessed mother land The place where I was born Scars, yeah she’s got her scars Sometimes it starts to worry me Cause lose, I don’t wanna lose Sight of who we are From the mountains high To the wave crashed coast […]