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{ Monthly Archives } August 2014

Obama Investigates … Again And Again And Again

He will have to be known as our most investigating president of all times. Holder says criminal investigation launched into American journalist’s execution…. The sad thing is while he is investigating … we the people are paying the price of him doing nothing …. with the latest American to pay the full price being journalist […]

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ISIS Threat To United States vs Perry’s Threat To Veto

There is something really wrong with this picture …. and no one should have trouble seeing what it is. ISIS terrorists have threatened to fly their flag in the White House. Was that even reported? Governor Perry threatened a veto if the District Attorney who was arrested for DUI did not resign was indicted for […]

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Will Obama Stand Against ISIS Threat?

ISIS has threatened to fly its flag at the White House. Will Obama address this in any way by action … or will he call a meeting to discuss what can possibly be done to avert this … and do an investigation to get to the bottom of it and to find the real reason […]

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Common Core Reshapes American History

If you have any doubts at all about the Common Core program infiltrating our schools … of if you think perhaps it is a good thing …. you must read this. Greatest Americans missing from proposed curriculum … even¬†our World War II heroes are cut short.It certainly makes me wonder how many people have any […]

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Get Michelle Out Of Our Kids Lives!

  Are you tired yet of Michelle dictating to you what your kids can or cannot eat and forcing that down their throats through the school lunch programs? Are you sick of your kids begging for good lunches because nothing at school is worth eating in their eyes? Are you fed up with your kids […]

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Obama Names German General As Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe

  First Obama purged the military of all the top people who did not fall into his “agenda” … using any lie or false incrimination he could to do so. ¬†General Petraeus is still under FBI investigation since his removal two years ago … no doubt to stop him from being able to testify to […]

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