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{ Monthly Archives } November 2014

How To Stop The Madness That Has Engulfed Ferguson

There is a very simple …. well not so simple … but the only … way to stop such madness that has engulfed Ferguson. Teach your children right from wrong. Teach them at home. Show them by example. Teach them if they do wrong they will pay the consequences and cannot expect anyone to cover […]

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The Trouble With Lies

There is one great big universal trouble with lies that never ever changes. If you tell one lie, another will have to follow to cover that lie …. then another will have to follow to cover the cover lie …. then one more to cover that one …. and on and on and on….. How […]

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Obama Ruins … NASA

  Our once proud space agency … NASA … was taken over by Obama and the results have been onerous and disastrous. What a heartache this has to be for all of those proud astronauts who rode our space agency to the top of the world and beyond. What a tragedy has been left behind […]


Nancy Pelosi idea of reality severely skewed.

“We have to change the environment. We cannot let the Republicans define the playing field as they have,” Pelosi told Democrats on a conference call sometime after the past midterm election. Change the environment? Not allow the Republicans to define the playing field? Nancy Pelosi needs a serious reality shakeup.  Her present view of reality […]

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Obama’s Political Military Leaders

Nothing is about we the people where Obama is concerned and that includes out military. After purging every arm of our military …. getting rid of all those who would not play his game … he has filled those spots with nothing but yes men who will do as he commands with no questions asked. […]