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{ Monthly Archives } March 2015

Governor Pence Speaks Reality

                      “The issue here is still: Is tolerance a two-way street or not?” This statement by Governor Pence of Indiana when responding to questions concerning the Indiana state law protecting religious rights is of course what the issue always has been in the conflict between […]

Madman In The White House

                  The news that Obama has given Iran all it has demanded in a nuclear “deal” proves that there is a madman in the White House. What President of the United States in his/her right mind would deal at all with Iran on anything …. the country […]

Obama vs Netanyahu

                          What is President Obama really trying to do as he fights to negotiate a deal with Iran which will lead Iran to getting nuclear bombs? Iran wants to eradicate Israel from the map and has declared “death to America” … and no […]

Obama Accomplishments

                Here are some of the Obama administration and the Democrats’ accomplishments in six short years: Destroyed our national sovereignty. Destroyed healthcare. Destroyed the sanctity of marriage. Purged our military of all top personnel and weakened it by droves. Turned race relations back 100 years. Attacked the police […]

Obama’s National Security Force Taking Place?

Obama’s national security force in training?