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A Huge Leap Of Weakness

So now Obama has capitulated to Putin.

By scrapping the missile defense shield project in Europe …. Obama has taken that huge leap telling the world …. ‘we are really close now… we are so close to doing no more bullying things… trust us … we will get there completely very soon now..’

Seeing Obama sitting across the table from Amahdinejad in Iran and agreeing to not say a word about Irans’s right to develop nuclear arms would be the final leap. Wonder how long that will take? Obama said he will give it to the end of the year.

In the meantime .. this latest show of gutless actions .. this latest blow to freedom worldwide … is being cheered mightily.

Those who hate America and just know that every single problem this world ever had is because of America .. at least the America of old .. is simple overcome with rapture. Obama is changing all that you know…  the old America .. but of course they will always have the America of old to blame sort of like the Democrats believe they will always have Bush to blame.

Those who do business selling anything they can concerning nuclear power to Iran are jumping for joy.  Their business has just been boosted a thousand fold.

Then of course there are those who not only know we have been the bully of all time since the decalration of this country’s independence stood in place …. they are the ones who just know that if we once and for all would just behave so would the rest of the world.

Cute isn’t it? The mentality of today.

Not one of those people have any knowledge of history.  They have no knowledge of the true heart of Russia.. the new Russia or the old.

Not one of them have paid much attention to the reasons 9/11 happened.

They obviously disregard completely all the “death to America” chants from those who cheer with them at the scrapping of the missile shield plans.

Not one of them seem to even remember 9/11 .. or if they do perhaps it is with that thought of how we asked for it.. brought it on ourselves.

Of course .. they would be the same ones who just know that all we have to do is behave and no more bad things will happen to us.

It is sad to see how low the level of intelligence has fallen in part of our society.  This will continue to feed off itself .. and grow. As intelligence levels fall.. vulnerability rises.

Our vulnerability rose in a great big jump today… or wasn’t it reported that Obama made the call to Putin in the middle of the night last night?

The timing fits the scene.


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