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9/11, Obama, Politics And Terrorists

Update no.3: Coming to American schools?  Also … First rate truancy for young piano genius. (thanks to EAG News)



Update no.2: The double standard goes on and on and on and becomes more and more dangerous to us all….

Update:  Will Obama ever stop talking and DO something? He reacts to the beheading of the third victim.. David Haines of Britain …. with more words words words…..


What do all of these have in common ….. 9/11, Obama, politics and terrorists?

They are all real …. and they are all reminders of the dangerous world we live in today.

We all know 9/11 could be replayed … in  a different scene with different players … but with the same results …. if we do not have the right person in power to stand between we the people and this horror.

Obama is not the right person.

He has been raised to believe that we … the United States .. somehow deserves all we get from any terrorist or otherwise negative reactionary … for after all we have been so all aggressive and mean to the whole wide world for so so so so long.

He even went around the world and apologized for us … remember?

Obama sitting in that great seat of power in our Oval Office leaves us with only a hope and a prayer that God will have mercy on we the people and help us outlast his term of office.

Politics is just as helpless to us against our enemies as Obama of course.  Politics cause men to forget we the people even exist … and that those who would have us dead exist also.  Their overriding goal is to maintain the power and money they see in their all powerful political seats… at any cost … seats that should in reality be seats of service to we the people.

With most all of our elected representatives in office playing politics in order to maintain the status of those seats leaves us with need for another prayer added to the first that God would somehow hold us afloat until we once more are able to elect real people to office.

Of course … to do that … we would have to awaken a whole lot of Americans who seem to be asleep behind the wheel as the threats of this world violently amass around them and they see it not in their oblivion of tunnel vision.

Terrorists are in their glory as they almost without doubt must be reliving 9/11 as a source of great glory as they plan their next moves in accord with what they see in Obama and in our people.

Obama gives strong encouragement for after all he too knows we .. the United States … deserves all any of these terrorists give us.

In we the people …. the extremely high level of not caring and ignorance of what is going on in this world beyond the entertainment world must.. it seems … give a great signal to terrorists that they probably have freedom to do almost as they wish.

Just a matter of time?

For crying out loud .. look at all Obama has done that is negative to this country!

He has purged our military of all those who would care …. he has downsized our military .. he seems to be creating his community security force that must be “as strong and as well funded as our military” from our police forces or something …. and he even named a GERMAN as chief of staff of our ARMY in Europe!

Obama about to arm ISIS army? Perhaps he already has been.

Obama’s spinning head ….

What he has done domestically is another story completely of course.