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The Poll Numbers of President Obama

imagesObama’s poll numbers are amazing!

If President Obama was a Republican …. his poll numbers would be splashed across the headlines of every newspaper in the country … perhaps in the world.

He now has almost record breaking low poll numbers … but do you read about it anywhere in any of the mainstream newspapers across the country .. even on the last page?

Do you hear those numbers being spoken about on any of the mainstream newscasts?

Please let me know if you do.

It would be a first.

With these poll numbers there is at least a sign of hope that this country will be put back on track one day soon … through the fairest means possible…. elections.

I cannot imagine anyone not being fed up enough with the abuse our country has taken under this president that he/she will not get out to vote at any cost come November.

The fact that the media refuses to expose the low poll numbers will in no way effect the ballot numbers.

We the people know in our hearts what we must do.

We always do.