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A Tale Of Three Elections 2013 Style




Three elections … three styles … for 2013 … as seen by me.

First … the mayor of New York.  Bill Blasio .. the ultra progressive liberal…won because he promised to pick the pockets of the ultra rich and give to the ultra have nothings.

The have nothings had their way.

Second … the governor of New Jersy.  Governor Chris Christie easily swept his liberal opponent in a very liberal state.  He did this by staying away from the emotional issues of abortion and gay rights and spoke to the people as one of them… real issues … common sense.

It won big time… a huge plus for the Republicans and a lesson to the true conservatives.

Third … the governor of Virgina.  Terry McAuliffe squeaked through by a hair .. but it was not because of women’s rights or gay rights or “I will take from the rich and give to the poor”.  It was simply a matter of the Democrats playing dirty political tricks which included having an Obama bundler highly fund the third party Libertarian party in the race … thereby stealing points from the Republicans…. and by busing in illegal aliens who voted simply because no ID was required.

The political thievery worked … but by only a hair. Ken Cuccinelli had an extremely strong backing by the people and in spite of the tricks … made a very loud statement in Virginia to the whole of the liberal conglomerate.

Be encouraged .. all you conservatives… all you who value our freedom.  It may not seem like it … but both the second and third events above are very strong signs that we the people are on the rise again.

We the people can and will win.

We just need to deal with reality.

Chris Christie may not be as conservative as you wish him to be … but he won .. in a very liberal state… and he is conservative.  If he is the one who ultimately runs for the Republican party for President in 2016… we will have to back him. He has shown us here he can win and can win big.

He certainly would be better than Hillary .. just as Romney would have been better than Obama had all who were not happy with all of who he is had gone out to vote .. instead of  “sitting this one out”.

We cannot afford to have that happen again.

We cannot afford to have Hillary in office.

Of course .. someone like Ted Cruz is who we really need for this country.

Things to think about in the coming years … before we get the opportunity to once and for all begin to take this country back again.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino states “It’s worse than people know… ” … referring to what is going on in the White House behind closed doors.