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Al Gore And Determination

Determination cannot be underestimated.

All you need do is look at Al Gore.  For about three decades he has been determinded to make the world know we are going to self destruct by the global warming we are causing.

Even following the coldest summer in decades .. he hangs on to his belief.  The world is going to destruct if we do not stop our over emissions of carbon dioxide.

Of course.. he has so much invested in that theory now.. how could he ever recant?

There are some points where our determination can get us to that become detrimental to every part of our well being.

If Gore recanted now he would of course lose all credibility … or would he?

Would he not gain more credibility if he owned up to perhaps being a little mistaken?

Pride gets in the way of common sense way too often … causing unmeasurable grief to way too many .. way too needlessly.

Gore was welcomed in Boca Raton, Florida  on Saturday .. where he presented an environmental lecture … by a fellow “put all my stakes in global warming” person .. who  introduced  Gore as follows….

“It’s an interesting twist of fate here in our own backyard that former Vice President Al Gore has taken on a new platform and is now a catalyst for world change,” said Marci Zaroff, an “eco-entrepeneur” who introduced Gore.

“So, in essence, he’s president of the people. He’s president of the planet. And the work that he’s doing is more important than any other work that could possibly be done.”

Big shoes he has.

Time alone will tell us how loosely they fit him.

Judging by the recent temperatures alone .. one could guess they are quite floppy.  Calling on comon sense …. they fit not at all.

Determination can be good and bad.  Nothing leads to good when common sense is removed.

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