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All That Hope And Change

The “hope and change” mantra has become very tiring … and very scary.

Do you feel it?

It is a pounding in our ears that seems to be trying to force us to abandon every last bit of common sense and reason within us and … to just listen to “them”.

“They” know.  “They” have all the answers.  “They” will save us all yet in spite of all our ignorance and our unwillingness to look “change” in the eye and just do it.

“They” even liken it to the civil rights movement … when we were correcting human rights matters .. like whether a person had the right to drink out of the same water fountain as the person next to him .. if his skin color was different.

That is far far beyond comparing apples to oranges.

It is simply “them” trying to use whatever they can to legitimize their lies and manipulations and money making and spending schemes at the cost of all of us to force every single American citizen to work for “them” … because that is just what will happen if all of these crazy imbecile plans they have become part of our lives.

All that “hope and change” has been and will continue to be a smoke screen made up of vacant promises to those who want everything for nothing in order to get the backing for “those” who believe it is their right to control every one of us right down to how warm or cool we will be able to keep our homes.

In the meantime … “they” fly above it all … for none of the “hope and change” is for them of course.  “They” are all way too compassionate to wish any of it for themselves… so they fly above it all… literally.. spewing more CO2 than much of the world combined produce in a year in one crazy meeting session just so they can bring all this “hope and change” to you.

How stupid and blind and mindless have people become .. that there is even one among us who would back any of this garbage?

It is our freedom .. our way of life… it is America that is at stake here.

“They” have no feelings for America.

“They” have only a need for the “honor” of power and control.

We all will pay the price …. dearly.

All that hope and change is everything but hope.

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