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American Banks Destroy Greece?

America’s long hand of destruction reaches around the world .. if you listen to Greece .. who is threatening to sue American banks for its economic downfall.


Here is a country whose people have been allowed to become completely dependant on the government of their country for all their needs. No government makes money in any way … but is dependant on the working people of its country and the taxes they pay.

If you deplete your workforce by allowing them to become lazy because the government pays their way… guess what?

You  soon have nowhere near the amount of money coming in as that which is going out.

This obviously has happened in Greece .. and the people scream and holler if the government says it has to cut back… so… guess what?

Someone has to take the blame for this mess.

We know!  America!  It just has to be America.  Look at how awful their banks are!  Their own government says so!

Besides … look at how rich they are.  We can go after them.  Of course they are to blame!

A country across the ocean … on the other side of the globe .. is really to blame for their troubles?

You can answer that.

All I see is America once more being called on to help out this world.. only this time in a backwards negative way .. by making America the evil one .. and this time by demanding America pay for their … Greece’s … own evil ways.

Never mind how much this country has done and contimues to do all over the world simply because that is who we are.   We will now become an easy pick for all self-inflicted traumas .. eveywhere.

How pathetic.

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